Dont nerf Valtan, this is ruin Legion Raid

Legion raid is supposed to be difficult if you do this you will ruin the most incredible content that lost ark has, DO NOT DO IT.


I’m not even at Valtan yet… I wanted to do it before it got nerfed. At least wait until the next major content update to touch it.

Edit: Apparently the CM post floating around peoples’ discords is fake.

They already said they wouldn’t. Also it’s been nerfed several times already before it got to us.

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we def have a nerfed version of him already, don’t see a nerf coming, once pugs get more experience most of the issues players have with him (aside from lacking supports) will be gone.

It was not because of a post that I made this publication, the idea was that there would never be a nerf on it because the challenge is what makes the game amazing, when you take that away, the game becomes tedious

The challenge is to get to Valtan, to reach that gs, what sux is the honing system, nothing else
Nerf honing ^^