Dont queue ranked if you are TRASH and never played pvp in this game before


1 STEp away from loosing my sanity

dont be rude to you r teammates tho

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If we had the new MMR system this wouldnt be an issue. Amazon messed up big time doing this to us for a whole 6 month season. PvP is dead on this game and its only day 1.

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Let me play with my friends, this is frustrating and annoying, playing with players who just need mats… for the love of competition bring us 3v3 so we can play with our friends, this game is so solo oriented anyways!! Kindly regards


Can sorta solo carry low mmr games anyways so shouldnt make climbing too bad anyways, havent lost a game yet lol.

Cant carry if your team runs in and kinda suicides xD


exactly, please do something dear beloved developers !!

Well you kinda can, use them as bait lol. Unless they are sitting in the enemies respawn.

would still require a class with the necessary dmg to actually carry

Is there a reason that the game has a performance score and then completely disregards it when giving you your MMR?


As its not really a performance score, not sure why it exists tbh lol. Performance in this is way to complicated to give a metric for, all this has is kills and dmg.

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perma bann those rats who go afk,.

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I also dont understand why ranked is forced group play but you cannot use youre teamchat to communicate

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I know what you feel bro u.u

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I made it to Gold. I only lost what little was left of my sanity.

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ranked is trash unfortunately


it’s unfortunate because the entire ability to climb is based on support comps…imagine in wow 3’s arena where one team gets a healer and the other team has 3 dps…it’s the exact same thing…ofc healer team will win


This right here exactly. Who thought that was a good idea? No wonder PvP has such a low following in KR

Every competitive game with some kind of classes is heavily reliant on matchups. As soon as you get to ranks where people have at least a bit of knowledge about the game, better comps wins, assuming everyone’s around the same skill level.

Here we can get 2 support vs 0 matchups or 3 ranged vs 3 melee.

It’s just about rolling the dice. Sure better players will still get out of lower ranks with ease because they’re better, but once good people start playing against eachother the game will be a joke.

MMOs generally don’t take PVP too seriously. A lot of people like to make it serious because they are competitive.

I agree though, matchmaking is trash. In normal mode and ranked you just queue into the first players in your region that are queued for a game. There’s no MMR or ranks involved in either. Can just roll a garbage team vs. 3 people that have all been spamming PVP since beta. I even hate playing normals. Also hate the garbage way some abilities are glitchy and don’t queue up after others, trying to PVP and I can’t cast my identity twice after an ability, it just glitches and stops me from doing anything for half a second.

PVE is way better in this game.

Yeah but I’ll never learn if I just spam normals plus I don’t wanna miss out on rewards . Prob won’t see the same ppl ever again anyway unless you get hard stuck at that rank .

Pvp is hm quite a learning curve . But I won’t be told I can’t que just because I’m learning . That’s ridiculous .