Don't repeat the same mistake as New World

When New World just launched, many hardcore and tryhard players made it to max level within a week or two. They complained about the terrible system and the lack of contents in the endgame.
However, on the other hand, there were a lot of posts from casual and boomer dads who only play 1hr a day who defended the game by saying “There’s no need to rush” “I’m enjoying cutting woods at level 15, the game is fine”

After that, AGS didn’t listen to the feedback and hardcore players left. 3 Months later, these casual and boomer dads finally got to max level and guess what? They made the same exact posts complaining about the same stuff.

Now I’m seeing the same trend with lost ark, “honing chance is fine” “you don’t need to rush” while the hardcore players already reached the end game where the honing chance is severely decreased as low as 1% in the future where the accessible content is not as friendly as T1 and T2.


The game is bad, people gonna leave anyway

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New World is bad, Lost Ark is good.

That’s the difference.

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Lost ark is good in korea because they get premium treatment and constant updates.

we are not in korea and western version of lost ark is very different.

Also lost ark already lost 50% of the playerbase in a month.


It’s not at all a comparable situation for quite a few reasons, but the most important one is there’s no lack of content in Lost Ark. The game has been out for a long time and there is mountains of content the NA/EU audience hasn’t even been exposed to yet. The ruination of the game is in the absolutely bizarre way Amazon is handling an already successful endeavour differently to every other region.

I seriously hope they right the ship, but all signs point to incompetence, so we shall see.


This is absolutely dumb. We have gotten more in one month than Korea or RU ever has. End of story. If you are not pleased with what’s been made available now, nothing will satisfy you.

And what a stupid post about losing players. It’s a free to play game with no barrier to entry. A lot of people are going to try it. Not everyone is going to like it.

Think for two seconds before posting.

yes, there is content in the game but the majority of it is locked behind ilvl and story progression requirements.

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Then why are you here

They just closed two topics/threads regarding game censorship. Can you believe it guys? The game sadly will die very soon if they will continue this kind of community treatment

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Stop whining, dear god you people complain about EVERYTHING.

T1/T2 is absolutely fine, this is a new region and we release differently. If you don’t like it, just quit and go play KR servers.

I just hope they dont drift to far away from the KR version.

Example, making the Game way to casual because people are complaining

The only Problem is we dont have the KR content. KR had exact same issue we have.

They have already done more improvements to the game than they did in first 6 months of New World.

Sure they could have done much more and I know they can still screw this up, but I’m optimistic.