Dont spend money on this game

The dont deserve it. They “Pay Wall” you at each corner. Trade skill? Energy. Stronghold? Energy. Farming Dungeons? Aura. Raids? 2 times a week max. Abyssals? 1 a week. Quests? 3 per day max.

Even the lamest Mobile Gachas have more ethics than this game. Therefore, if you wanna play, play. But never pay. How will they earn money? Let them starve and then remove this game from the West. Don’t worry. Later a better company will make a similar one but with better Game Design, Gear progression, and Game Mechanics.


I had a really snide comment to make which agrees with you, but I don’t want another 2 week timeout.

So i’ll just say, I agree. You should not be pumping money into this gutted version of the game.


Are you aware that most of the revenue that they get is from whales? whales that consist of 2% of the entire comunity, people who swipe 1k daily, you think they care or will go bankrupt becouse we mere mortals dont spent 20 bucks here and there? lmao

They need loot boxes and higher Ego ceiling’s to keep the whales satisfied

Most have already capped out and have moved back to FIFA and Genshin Impact to buy some more Gacha boxes. It’s up to the gold fish to keep things a float now!

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Can you link your research on the games that have more ethics than this game…Mobile specifically. I want to see the comparisons. If not, stop randomly yapping.

I haven’t paid anything…and I’m doing just fine. I’m used to time gating in MMOs.


Arknights, you can do dailies every day and then get waifus for free … wait :thinking:

This has easily been one of the best free to play games that has been released in a very long time. There is an incredible amount of content you can do for no money at all.


To be fair our progression (I’m F2P as well) doesn’t change the fact that we have a gutted down version of the game that is being slow drip fed back to us with intentional paywall techniques in play that promote spending to bypass problems that they created themselves.

Is it worse than say some monthly Gacha mobile game, no not even close, but it is still a predatory system that they are modeled around

You can, and should play this game F2P. There is a lot to do and honestly buying past the vertical progression will likely bore you out of playing any further.


It’s kinda funny how tons of recent releases are b2p and tons of them literally scammed you.

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gutted version KEKW

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If there is no limit means ppl could speed-run the game. There always needs to be a limit.

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I mean what do you expect them to do? Release all the content that’s in Korea and have 99% of the playerbase quit because they’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of currencies, things to do, systems, etc etc etc? Like…let’s be real here man. It logically makes sense the way there are releasing stuff. For a company and for players.


This is why I hate F2P. It is not really free to play, they just hide that behind a bunch of pay walls and stupid skins.

A was looking forward for a Diablo-type MMO but the pay walls are stupid and so are the skins.

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I never said the system had to change. They gotta make money someplace and slow dripping the content / classes / skins is how that is going to be. Only that it is modelled around predatory tactics that promote fear and frustration spending is all.

I’m just saying don’t play into the system. You aren’t “winning” anything bypassing the vertical progression climb, you’ll likely find the weekly gameplay loop kinda boring when you don’t really need the materials anymore (well for a month or two anyway) and you can always swipe again later, so you get bored and wander off.

My little static party has been F2P since launch, however 2 of us just hit 1370+ where 2 others are still in the 1360s. Guess who is wanting to spend now to catch up because they suddenly feel they are getting left behind and cannot continue with us. Instant fear of missing out because they had some bad honing luck.

I’ll do what I want with my money thanks.


who are you to tell people where they should spend their money lmfao.


Umm, I’ll do what I like with my own money…but ty for the opinion.


To be honest the only thing that I want that cost money is skins and they dont release it.
So they are not even trying

Dont tell me what to do :wink: If you are just a loser with bad rng just quit it, it won’t be better.

To me it’s a good thing that everything is capped daily/weekly like that. If there was no limit then the gap between casual players and hardcore players would be even bigger and I believe it’s best to have just the gap between whales and F2P as the whales are less quantity than the amount of players who would spam all these things for hours every day for sure.

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