Don't thank us again for being patient - all I see is regress

Again another week and nothing has been solved, don’t fool us with your promises and empty words, just do your job. We are not patient anymore because of your incompetence.

I was writing to them via ticket, they told me to use support live chat, support live chat sent me patch notes link that is one week old and he cannot do anything.

My aura and crystals vanished and noone cares about it.
I cannot even check if they gave me gifted founder’s pack because shop is not working.
I feel scammed…

I heard that week ago that soon things will be solved, meanwhile my features that I paid for dissapears randomly each day destroying my gameplay, like aura that dissapears during raid and I cannot repair my gear, longest stronghold cooldowns, bifrosts that I saved and cannot rush into event on island.

I do not want to hear empty words anymore, just progress, meanwhole all I see is literally regress because things are getting worse than even week before.