Don't think endurance is bad

Just making a post to let ppl know why endurance is not as bad as you can think for a lot of reason.

First of all i’m playing in EU serv and only argue without considering the KR version, and my english probably suck xD

Atm this stat looks misunderstood it’s actually a way to negate the bad effects of engraving like grudge or curse doll or to be sure to not die in raid like argos for example, the 4 res are really important if a team wipe happen, you will need them to res the entire team.

You don’t need that much of it, just a ring can be enough but some classes who play with swiftness as a sub stats can replace it with some endurance, if you can do your rotation and you don’t use raid captain or eventually increases mass, you don’t need it.

Having some endurance negate the effect of curse doll and grudge together but some of you will say, “you just have to dodge” it can be true but taking time to dodge basic mechanics is wasting time to damage so, in some way you gain damage by getting some defence.

Other would say that support are here for that but some basics mechs bypass the buff/shield of your supports (awakening exclude) and for those who play in FP or random matchmaking they are not always good supports.

Lower a little bit your dps is not that bad, you don’t have to search for the best damage you can get, you always have enough time to clear any content and tbh you don’t loose that much.

Ofc endurance in some situation is bad, endurance lose interest if you are over gear, if you use heavy armor, if you use a defensive card build strong enough, or if you use a defensive class like gunlancer ( warlord ) with blue build or if you are experienced enough to REALLY dodge everything.

So if i recap, endurance allow you to negate bad engravings effects, let you do some mistakes, save gold cause you don’t have to use a lot of potion and the endurance accessories cost nothing, save the res of your team, don’ t lower that much your dmg.

Meta is not always the way to go, meta only work when all the perfect conditions are respected

Hope i will convince you and ofc don’t be toxic in comment thx.

Idk it’s not just about how good you are without it. If I’m group leader and I have to choose you with Endurance vs someone with full damage I’m going to take full damage every time. That may be wrong, but it’s just not going to change for me until I start seeing the good players take endurance. Until that time I assume they are bad and don’t invite them.

New meta. 1400 endurance with lvl 3 grudge <3

Maxing it suck, getting some why not.

Im literally stuck at 1100 endurance on my berseker 1385 alt just because i dont have money to buy accessories. All accessories dropped
I mean, i have money, but i prefer not spending them on alts.