Don't wait till day before to tell us about valtan

Yeah just what the title says can we get an official announcement on Valtan within the next week?


Destined For Destruction - May Update Reveal - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (


We are definitely planning on sharing update news farther ahead of time – and for what it’s worth, Legion Raids are lookin’ good so far.


i guess we’ll take 8 business days prior notice rather than 2 :confused:

do u have any date for us for news?

so, soon again?

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most likely mid next week… Also they can do whatever they want with the announcement. It’s there game lol.

Why do some of you worry about this so much? I dont get it, who cares?

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Legion Raids? O.O

hey guys she didnt say Valtan she said Legion Raids, may be we get 2 Legion Raids on May? let me dream ok?

Most unlikely, people not 1430 would cry really hard, that won’t happen.

We don’t need both at the same time clearly

Bro we are 2 weeks away from the update (Possible more) Let them work and let them release the patch notes when they are ready, don’t be annoying.

Catch up events for Valtan when?
Naruni race is great but a lot of players 1370+ feels abandoned with lack of “support” honing 1400+ is a real deal.
The more players can access Valtan the better for this game. A lot of players already quit but when legion raid release we might be able to persuade them to come back.

There is no need for catch up on Valtan right now.

It’s not the same case of Argos.

There will be catch up later on when other content get released

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Agreed, there’s no need to rush for Valtan week one other than fomo. If it’s fomo, then it’s the player’s self-control issue not AGS or SG’s issue.

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People think that the game will always push them freely in the upcoming content while there is no way this will be the case.

The game will push them to Valtan only when they have to be ready for Viakis.


Well, technically we do get two.
They’re Valtan Normal and Valtan Hard.

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For players who already reach 1445 they can relax and no need for catch up. But there are some who struggling to even get to 1415.
It’s true, people may say the content won’t go anywhere but the players / your friends may quit.
Losing Friends sucks I am not sure if you ever experienced that but I sure do

Valtan normal and Valtan hard :slight_smile:

its not that hard, break your oreha and argos blood, and do +17 on gloves and shoulders then +11 on the rest. to reach 1415

we need date! Not SOON

you guys literally learn nothing

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I don’t see soon anywhere in that message, just what’s planned and how the patch’s release date currently looks.