Don't wanna jinx anything with the bots but

@Roxx I just saw the announcement you made, and it confirmed my suspicions that there was MORE significant action taken against bots after todays maintenance. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it is taking these botters MUCH longer to come back than “usual”, so hopefully whatever you guys did or SGS did will stick. I always had hope in you guys despite New World, lol.

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You jinxed it.


No! I’ve undone it all!

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Realistically the bots aren’t going to go away overnight no matter what they do. Best case scenario is the numbers slowly chip away to irrelevance over the next several months. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.



Appreciate the good vibes, but we aren’t taking this as a 100% solution either; we’re going to keep actioning against bots, doing banwaves, etc to fight in the battles, but when it comes to winning the war improving tooling is going to be the long term solution. We’ll keep up doing both as we work on these long term improvements!


I hope the long term solution is something close to 2 factor authentication. It might take up some development time and/or it might not be easy to implement in Lost Ark or whatever… But it is very much needed because regular things simply don’t work.


Theyre back in starter areas tho. Leveling new bots

already in vern doing chaos again

Well if AGS plan is to roll out banwaves weekly, I honestly think that will get rid of them in the coming months. Even with them running 24/7, they need a 5 dollar trusted steam account minimum, plus with more and more people getting out of the lower tiers, it becomes harder for bots to make gold in general, aside from stuff like trade skills. Ya feel me? This honestly seems like the solution. Just doing weekly bans


Im assuming these bot farms have already made dozens of accounts for the future in case of ban waves. I started a new alt today and already see bunch of bots hanging around the mail npc

Well if they inflated gold in the game and put trading behind a paywall it would be impossible for bots to break even. So there is an option to end botting/gold selling in lost ark but they probably aren’t going to do it.

they dont, untrusted can still use Market to transfer gold to “Main” accounts that handle the sales. You think that those million of zerkers in vern all spent $5?

now they should ban all the Infinite chaos runners, can’t be that hard to see whos running Chaos 20hrs per day

Whatever number of bots existed before are definitely not the number of bots running right now.

The cost of crystals will probably be a good gauge to match how much RMT is happening. If the crystal cost drops, then it’s definitely working.

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there back thanks for jinx it :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Whatever action was taken seems effective.
Haven’t seen the queue for few days already.

they are back

Well there seems to be half as many players as there were yesterday. If new systems were implemented that actually work we shouldn’t see huge spike in players in next 24 hours.

they got re lvl give it aday or 2

Oh that’s right, still don’t get why they don’t do that next. That would be the icing on the cake of getting rid of them then.