Don't want DPS meter? You should push for a better Training Room!

TLDR; A better training room can cause a damage meter to be used less

Obviously, there are pros and cons to a dps meter. Right now I want to focus on the some of the pros that cause people to say “Yes, I want dps meter”.


  • Can test builds.
  • Get feedback on own performance

If the training room gets updated then you don’t need a damage meter for these. Thus causing the cons (ex. toxicity) to more outweigh the pros.

The training room needs to be updated to show more information about the damage you are doing. What should be implemented is a more complex damage break down showing per ability:

  • Total number of casts
  • damage done (crit)
  • damage done (non-crit)
  • uptime on buff/debuff
  • healing done (healing dummy?)

This way a damage meter isn’t needed for the purpose of gaining information. Not only does this benefit people who make builds/test things, but it also benefits the people who just want to look up existing information as it will be more accurate and plentiful.

What do you guys think?
Should the Training Room be updated?
If yes, what else should be added to it?

My apologies if my writing is incoherent I am not that great at formulating my thoughts.
Thank you for reading! :smile:

I really like how many things you can do in the training room. I would love it if other games allowed you to try out builds and stuff without you needing to farm the things.

It “kinda” does this by telling you the % of crits you got.,

yeah you’re right it does show % of crits but sometimes it’s hard depending on the skill if it has multiple hits or a debuff attached since you don’t know what part of the damage crit