Don't worry about 1445... yet

Most relic gear sets are most efficiently farmed by doing Valtan normal 4-5 times, so most people will have an extra month before being 1445 is necessary for optimal progression. Check this guide for relic gear progression.


yeah im 1415, i rather to push all my alts to 1385 than pushing to 1445 for 1k exrtra gold


Na players can’t read this they want 1445 power pass now!


My main is 1430, I need three armor pieces from 15 to 17 for 1445. I do want to finish it this week, but it would be stupid to waste 50k gold on it, which could instead be used to push my 1340 alts to 1370 to get hardmode and argos p1 unlocked for a bigger weekly gold influx.

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Its funny that a lot of people want to push to 1445 to do valtan hard day 1 when you gonna need normal runs anyways xd the real reason to push to 1445 is to farm the south vern chaos dungeon from day 1 with rested x5 and the resonances they have given.


Well…that’s if you wanna use the valtan legendary sets…
You can just as easily go 2pc relic x2 and argos 2pc
That’s what I will be doing, 2p nightmare/2pc psych and 2p argos until vykas

Don’t worry about 1445… yet

There’s a lot of FOMO money to collect if you can get there. It would be lame to miss out :frowning:

Copium sheet, why would I do normal instead of hard mode when I’m already 1445? Hard mode gives more mats so u can make the relic gear faster

Uhhh idk where this sheet gets the info but last I did legion raids normal gave 5 and hardmode 10 lol. Not 6 and 12

All the resonances they’ve given have expired I believe…

And what are you gonna craft then, 2p nightmare + 2p psych? cause thats the only relic combo that makes sense, unless you wanna farm hard permanently and sit with your 2p relic till vykas

U make whatever u need, nightmare if u play sorc. The 2p psych doesn’t really matter

You dont claim the resonance they gave for maintenance and it sits at 14 days, that along with the resonance they are going to give tomorrow you have 4 extra resonances if the patch is may 19th.

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Can someone enlighten me why I would switch from the argos set to a combination of legendary and relic set? As I see it (number-wise dps), it would be better to run with argos set until I get a 6p relic set. No?

So a 2p nightmare + 4p argos? kekw what a meme, at least the double relic combo makes more sense, unless u still dont realize you cant have any 4p or 6p relic, in that case you are a lost cause.

Edit: dominion set classes can have 4p so correction there, but you said nightmare so gl with your 2p nightmare till vykas xd

Nice copium, I can make another 2p relic tho? I can even make another legendary demon set from valtab as well if I want

Mfw these 1415 players have to justify why they can’t do hard mode lol

“Another legendary demon set from valtan” doing hard valtan that doesnt drop mats to craft legendary set, thanks for proving me right, have a nice day clown.

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Not a chance, argos 5p isn’t even considered that great because unlike the 2p you lose the buff from 5 set and have to rebuild stacks. Also legion set bonuses are op and overall stats are higher than argos gear. There isn’t a universe where you’d run argos over legion set.

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Theres some combos you can do with 2p relic and 4p legendary sets from valtan, these are way stronger than argos 5p, some people are gonna still use argos 2p for some time cause the crit is still there, but argos 5p gets dropped completely.