Dont you think NAW also needs Server merge in the near future?

Dear CMs, @Roxx @Sandovall ,

I am in Akkan server in the NAW.

I have tried to help some party required una’s for my friend since there is literally 0 people doing it.
My friend and I tried 3 times to complete Tooki Island, everytime we tried there were no one,
we still have not been able to complete the quest.

If there is no Server merge, or re-designing those una’s, it seemed it is impossible to complete.
Can you please consider this issue?
I know there are already major issues going on right now about the server but
I hope you consider these problems for any newly incoming players.

Hi @Blackarm

Hope you’re having a good day.
Thank you for your post on our forums.

I apologize you’re having this issue with the server and the quest not being able to complete due to the lack of queued players doing the same activity.

We understand this is affecting you to continue on the game , and we’re sorry for that , please send your feedback for our team to consider this also on our next updates:

On my end I will pass this post on our Game and Feedback forums , where the team will take into account your opinion and experience.

We appreciate your comments, they are always welcome.
Take care and enjoy your week.


Tried to talk to the bots for help? :smiley: AGS will not merge servers cause then bots become even more visible.

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