Doomsday skill for sorceress

I received awakening skill but no doomsday skill. Please help!

What combat level are you.


Did you do the Rohendel quest line?


If you did then you should have the [Journey] quest line and that gives you the awakening skill.

I have enviskas might already

Right, there are two of them

Thats when ill get doomsday?

Doomsday should be unlocked already, are you talking about the several bombs or the single one?

The single bomb. Its a skill called doomsday

I can use it when im in the training grounds but cant use it on my character

Should be unlocked, is it still grayed out?

Its not in my list of skills

Oof def sounds bugged. DM a support staff or wait for them to show up then.

Did you use the item that unlocks Doomsday?
It’s not an automatic unlock, you get an item that grants the skill alongside the first Awakening quests.

i have same problem.
my lvl 53
i did all quest for skill
i have 2 awakening skill . But I did not get doomsday skill.
I have had this problem for a month. It has not been resolved yet.

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