Double Character Restoration

Hello! =)

I would like to request 2 characters to be restored, if that is possible =)

My account is on:
Region: EUC
Server: Thirain
Main character: Ripleeyy (for you to find my account)

I would like to have these characters restored:
Soulfist: Ripleyxd (I think thats the name)
Destroyer: Ripleybonk

Would this be possible? =)


Hello @ripley, it’s great to see you around!

Let me take a look just to confirm if I’m able to restore the requested characters, please allow me a few minutes,

I’ll be right back :wink:

Thank you for waiting @ripley,

I’ve found the characters and I am able to restore them. Can you please close the game so I can proceed, also make sure to have the necessary slots to restore them.

I have logged out and I have 2 open character slots now =)

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I’ve successfully restored the characters Ripleybonk and Ripleyxd, you can launch your game and continue the adventures in Arkesia,


Thanks alot! =)


Your welcome!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, if there is anything else we can assist you with do not hesitate in write us : D

Best regards.