Double charged for skins in ingame store

Hello i tried to buy a skin in the shop and when i pressed “buy” it said “store is abit slow, try again later” and 1 min later i saw that i had been charged twice for a skin!

Is there anyway i can get refunded my 2000 Royal crystals?

Hello @elias.gund
Welcome to the forums I am glad to see you joining us here :smiley:
I am very sorry for the issue with the charge on the item and the missing royal crystals, please go ahead and contact us so we can check this in more detail:

Cheers! :partly_sunny:

Hi, I did the same thing (albeit with blue crystals) and I have submitted a ticket on there. However, I could not find or access my ticket via the contact us website or an email that lets me access the same ticket, thus I’m worried that they havn’t received the ticket or they wouldn’t be able to get back to me?