Double dipping na west

When are you guys going to fix the ability to double dip in events and dungeons daily in NA West? Everyone else can do 2 chaos, 2 guardians, 1 chaos gate, 1 field boss etc on any given day. West gets to do 4 chaos, 4 guardians, 2 gates, etc because their day resets before the actual reset.

Explain how any change in a single rest time allows for double dipping chaos dungeons,

if it reset at any given time, it is a single rest? maybe get to do the dungeons earlier but you are still waiting 24 hours for the reset to happens… unless you get a reset an hour before another rest that just can not happen…

highly doubt this is the case, but i have an open mind

bring proof

lol our server region has the worst stability so i enjoy the double-dipping. i don’t think we get double-dipping for the chaos dungeons and guardians raids though. only chaos gates and world bosses