Double founders pack

I redeemed my bronze founders pack and then realized the server I was most peple were of foreign language and created a character on another server, is it possible to get a second bronze pack on the same steam account and use it on this new character?

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The exact same thing happened to me. It does not make any sense at all to not have the founder title and pet shared accross all characters of the same account.

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Hello @Gusilv

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I’m sorry about the inconvenience, I understand that you redeemed the founder’s pack in a server that you probably won’t be playing Lost Ark.

However the founder’s pack is attached to the server, once redeemed we cannot transfer the pack to another server or issue a second founder’s pack.

If you have any other concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

Hey @Gwen , thanks for the reply.

I know items are not transferable, but since I already used my bronze founder’s pack is it possible to buy another one and use it on the new character?

Hello @Gusilv

Regarding your question the short answer is yes you can buy another founder’s pack then use it on another character, but also consider the details above:

Note: Multiples of the same Founder’s Pack can’t be applied to a single account.

If different tiers of the Founder’s Pack are applied to the same account, the Royal Crystals and other unique or stacking rewards from each Founder’s Pack are granted. However, other non-stacking items like skins aren’t duplicated.

After you redeem your Founder’s Pack, it’s applied to your Roster inventory and bound to your account. Select the server where you want to play, and create a character. You will then have the option to claim the pack to your character from the roster inventory.

Important: When you decide to claim your Founder’s Pack on a character, the pack will be bound to that server. Currency, mounts, and pets are account-wide, and all other items, including skins, are restricted to the character where redeemed.

If you have any other concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

I’m feeling obligated to buy another founders pack on my same founder account I because I claimed both skins on the same character, I Wanted my alt to have a skin and now I’m screwed, is it safe for me to buy another founder pack just for the skins? I would have to claim the pack from the new character correct?