Double purchase of Alar skin set


Due to the Lost Ark Store delay, after servers reopened, I’ve mistakenly bought the same item twice - Alar skin set for Crystals.

Can i please get the refund for the duplicate purchase?


Same problem.
In other post with this problem said that we need to go to Amazon Support, but in this, they send me to Steam Support.
In this, how is a game purchase, the send me to Amazon Support again.
Its a infinite loop… :frowning:

Honestly the same goes for me as well but not quite sure where to post the ticket -w-

I have the same problem here as well, sent in a ticket to Amazon support already but I don’t know how to access that ticket, no links or emails yet

Same problem, except that I’m pretty sure I clicked it only once, and still got it twice. Hope they can solve this.

Same here with me

Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing OK

In-game purchases are made through Steam using the Steam Wallet. Refund request are handle by Steam support. Steam Support

We don’t have the option to refund any transaction processed through a third party service.

@MeryConlin if you experience an ingame issue which affected your order, you can use reach using this link to escalate this issue and check with the devs any alternatives: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Edit: @Inorie , you’d normally receive an email as soon as we have an update on your ticket or you can contact us via live channel and ask for an update on the ticket.

Edit2: I am removing my last message and updating this post to prevent any further misunderstanding.

I hope this helps and thank you for your understanding.


i’ve seen this response other times already, people are asking you if you can revert the INGAME transaction and give them back the blue crystals they spent. Nobody is asking for a cash refund.


But if it’s an in-game error that caused all this, how that makes sense?
Why are we paying for a bug and why is that fair? Really?
No way. Just no way.

Yeah, I tried that. You keep sending us to other people. They send us to steam and they send us here. No one is helping. Please make a way we can get in contact with developers or someone who can actually help us.

Hi Stooh

I think the issue is that those of us that have experienced this shop delay causing double purchase bug has already contacted Amazon Games - they send us to Steam support and Steam sends us back to Amazon Games and then we get told it’s not refundable, even though we didn’t intentionally do it.

We had no way of knowing that if the purchase did not go through the first time, it will go through after a delay. When the shop tells you there is an error in purchasing the item, you would also try to purchase it again because it means it didn’t go through.

Thus, I think this is really unfair that we can’t get refunded with the royal/blue crystals lost from the extra purchases made due to this shop delay bug and it is really frustrating that no one can help us after numerous attempts at different supports.

I have made a post here where numerous others have experienced the same bug - In-Game Store Delay Caused Double Purchase

Thanks for your time

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Hi there, I hope you are having a great day.

Yes, I do understand your concern @Morningstar and everyone.

It is a known we are having some issues with the commerce servers and those issues can affect your purchases. I’m not saying every issue is because of this but there are cases where it can be related.

Normally we won’t refund ingame purchases but cases like these is where we need to consider if we can do any exceptions.

Which is why we have the option to escalate these cases were you experience a purchase bug with the developers via ticket. I can’t make any promises, however I believe this is the best course of action.

I know some of you already tried it but I’d like you to contact us again, explain the situation as clear as possible, make sure to mention the possible bug you experienced with the store.

Refer them to this post if they deny the ticket request or ask you to reach Steam. Once again, I’m not making promises but submitting a ticket is the best option.

Contacting customer support is the best option to submit a request @MeryConlin, we won’t handle these cases on a public forum as we need access to personal information from your accounts.

I hope this information helps. feel free to tag me if anything.



I tried again this morning in Amazon Game Support and they send a report with my issue to the developers, this time this guy in the support chat really sounded like they wanted to help, so let’s try via Amazon Support until we get people that actually want to do their work.
I’m waiting a response, let’s see. I’ll keep you updated.


Same issue here. Bought a skin, got 2 of the same skin, asked Amazon Support for taking the duplicate away from my account (which I haven’t even redeemed yet) and refund the Crystalls.

Their answer: “Go ask Steam”.

Like what? What does Steam have to do with ingame purchases? I don’t want my money back, I want you to give me back my Crystalls, which only you have the ability to. Not to mention that the double purchase is the fault of YOUR ingame store. This has nothing to do with Steam…

Same issue for me this morning. I contacted Amazon Game Support afterwards as @Stooh suggested. Like @MeryConlin the guy really did his best and opened a ticket for me. Hope they will be able to fix this and refund us soon.

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That’s good to hear @MeryConlin @Hymn , best of lucks, keep me updated.

I already provided you a way to make a request with the devs @mlgFey. We don’t handle these cases via forum.

Make sure to clarify the reason why you want to escalate the issue if you believe your issue is related to a bug with the Store @Nuri. You can refer them to this post.

Have a great week everyone.


Hey @mlgFey , how do you know ? Do you have a link or anything ?

Thank you for your reply.
No answer from them on my side yet, but if it’s to tell me that they won’t be able to refund anything, I guess I shouldn’t really be waiting :slight_smile: