Doublon Buy in Shop

Hello everybody,

Does anybody have solution for the multi-buy bug in the cash shop.
I’ve tried to buy a skin for my character, got an error message that said connection issues please try again later which i did.

Now i have the same skin 2 time and of rouce i paid two time the 2400 Crystals.

Somebody can help me for this?

I had already a ticket with Amazon, they forward the bug but no solution about the 2400 Crystals lost with this…

I have the same problem, I bought 4 times the same skin due to the store issues, Amazon told me to talk with steam support here:

Hello Orken,

And was it solved for you?
I have a hard time to find where to open a ticket with steam :frowning:

Not yet, if I can help you with something just tell me, it’s hard to find steam ticket system

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I’ve used “steam bug” there create a ticket about this issues.
Let’s keep us posted about our ticket results :slight_smile:

sure, good luck!

So got an answer, in shot steam say to me no F you.

So this game steal you money when they have bug nice…

Lost 2400 Crystals(~20€) due to lag/bug on their side with the shop…

email amazon or tag roxx , they will give you your money back or address the issue

I’ve already contacted amazon, they can’t/do not want to do anything…

What do you mean by @Roxx? (not sure to get that point)

@Orken Got any news on your side ? :slight_smile:

Oh i understand now @Roxx you are an admin, can you assist me for this matter?
Since neither support via amazon or steam can help me out :frowning:

Unfortunately I am just a community manager, I have no ability to directly address anything in-game or regarding financial transactions. I can attempt to escalate this issue since you are not able to get through with support, and will let you know if I have an update.

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Okay would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Again this more like in-game money refund (the cristal for the cash shop) rather than cash :slight_smile:

Like remove one of the two skin boxes (since i do not need the one from the bug :frowning: ) and get back the 2400 crystal :slight_smile:

Thank you, looking forward for any progress about this :slight_smile:

I got Amazongames support to escalate the case for me, hopefully I can get results… In my case I got 4 skin boxes… I’m waiting for more help, in steam they don’t take care of it I’ve been told.

Okay keep me posted :slight_smile:
I hope Roxx will find a lead or your case being resolved then mine too :frowning:

Hello @Roxx Any new about this on your side :(?