[Downtime] Resolving Aura of Resonance issue - Sept 28th 2pm PT / 9pm UTC / 11pm CEST

Heroes of Arkesia!

We will need to bring all servers down for an emergency update starting at 2pm PT / 9pm UTC / 11pm CEST. This downtime is estimated to last 2 hours.

Issue resolved with this update:

  • Aura of Resonance is not functioning properly for players after maintenance

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Downtime is complete and all servers are open.

Thank you all for your patience during this downtime!

Good luck in Arkesia!


While Chaos Dungeons will reset normally starting tomorrow, we are aware that players affected by this bug will not be able to complete today’s Chaos Dungeons and may be missing their Rest Bonuses. We will be compensating these missing entries, and we will let you know what and when to expect once details are locked in. Thanks!