DPS Bus should be free

Because DPS aren’t greedy like support.

DPS Bus drivers still need to clear the content and get loot when content is cleared.

But as a thank you passenger shouldn’t bid on loot drop from Bus ride that should be more than enough for Bus ride.

Otherwise Bus driver is getting paid for the content they need to clear weekly

It really depends on what bus you are talking about. If you talk about Oreha Bus: Yeah dont pay for that. I do these for free.

But once people are able to Bus a raid through Valtan thats a different story. Not only does it take a lot of time to get a char busready for this content but also the passengers get a lot of value out of those. Even though Valtan is a piece of cake honestly.

Edit: Also Argos is way too much value to just give it out for free. When talking about a Bus its not paying for a content clear. Its giving away a part of your share to clear the content while being afk.

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hahahaha this guy is becoming a meme. Still comparing busses to greedy support charging people to spam shields and play normally.
Good luck trying to stop 1370 alts paying for p3 argos
And good luck trying to stop valtan bus.
People doing bus are high ilvl and play on a static group so good luck trying to make them pay for your support services. You got destroyed on the other post and you are making your own to make more people laugh, appreciate it my friend!

and People will pay for support service.

DPS still need to clear the content weekly so they should just do it for free or they are same as support getting paid.

Honestly what is this about anyway, why do people pay to clear the best content the game has to offer :rofl:


Only bad players will pay you if you are lucky. Good players are on a static group
Have fun. Hope some day you understand the difference between high ilvl bus and a normal support charging gold

Hes just trying to make a meme thread to counter the people that disagree with supports charging gold, just flag, dont stress.

people on static group don’t pay for support or bus

Do you even think when you type?


But DPS don’t charge gold. So all bus should be free and driver gets the loot and passenger don’t bid on the loot because DPS still needs to clear the content.

I already flagged this, like i said, i wont stress, i dont have room temperature IQ so i dont need to pay supports to clear vykas gate 3 first week, just like im 4 relic pieces already :slight_smile: but good on you if you take advantage of room temperature IQ people with spare cash.

OP, you could just try to actually play the game and git gud at the game and stop getting carried. That’s free. Easy, problem solved.

I already cleared Valtan HM couple times there aren’t other content to clear until Vykas HM comes out

You are the one with reading comprehension issue.

My post and replies were based on the PUG group. Static were never mentioned because Static support don’t provide service to PUG group.

You have serious flaw in your logic. Underlying premises for support service and DPS bus are both PUG not static.


Then why are you malding about having to pay for buses? Lmfao…

I’m saying if support shouldn’t be paid DPS bus shouldn’t be paid either. But at least DPS bus should be able to get all the loot. Why do so many people have reading comprehension issue? I think you are the one with room temperature IQ.

Support greed was brought up by non support players, in which case DPS should provide free services as well because DPS BUS are still doing same content as the other players looking for help but can get a monopoly on the loot.

Then… join a bus that you don’t have to pay? Make your OWN group? Or just do the actual raid and don’t get bussed? Good god, the entitlement of some of the people here is astounding. PLAY THE ACTUAL GAME, stop getting carried.

There’s popular belief that support shouldn’t be paid for service provided because they are clearing same content as DPS and it’s coming from Support greed.

So counter logic is if that’s the case and support are greedy and DPS aren’t, then DPS bus who are doing same content as other players shouldn’t charge for the Bus fee because they are clearing same content but since they are carrying they should get the all the loot, because DPS aren’t greedy.

I do actual raid and I don’t pay for bus. I’m talking about other people making claim that support are greedy but DPS aren’t

You seem like the greedy one. You want free carries. Delusional much?

Fam u greedy as supports wanted like 5-10k gold just for like 2 hours of valtan hard on release, just to sit there and spam ur buffs, and it will be same for vykas, u will ask for like 3k gold+ probs up to 10k just to spam ur buffs and most likely even wipe the raid cuz u arent experienced yet, man its so crazy to me supports bein the greediest players.