DPS Bus should be free

When there are less supply, prices rise up, no point on what you are saying. Also, right now no one is going to pay a support to do Valtan because anyone can do it even with randoms. The demand of supports rise up on content release as happened with Argos, Valtan and as is going to happens with Vykas while bus demand rise up when the content is out for a while. Also, because the majority of the players has alts, the demand of buses are higher than demand of supports, and because there are less supports than DPS, the supply of supports is really low.

Why do you think that nowadays petroleum is that expensive? Because the supply is low and getting ever lower so the price rise

They are just taking advantage of the demand of supports, it’s cringe but small from them, because they are desperate people that actually pay them

Let me clear couple things

1.) I created post because some people were calling all support greedy for getting paid and they shouldn’t get paid.

2.) DPS bus should get paid for their service, but if DPS are calling support greedy because they take gold to run with certain parties, then since DPS isn’t greedy they should offer free run for content where they get the reward at the end.

  1. There are korean players who tried DPS Support setting which doesn’t work. Only class that can semi pass as support is Gunlancer.

  2. Support class doning DPS set is DPS yes. But it still reduced number of total available support class and increase the number of competition for DPS. Most support DPS dont take DPS set because why would you take DPS Bard/DPS Paladin over true dps? That video was just for the fun of it but the fact that “full support class” can complete it if they wanted to.

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How sure are you that “thankful” passenger wont bid and give to the driver ? for sure there will be 1 or 2 scumbag bait to let other player bid more so that they can get more gold. so better charge than got baited to spend thousand gold just to get the loot. there’s no easy service is free in this world, u want it clear without hassle, just pay

That whole support union is retarded idea and the guy who posted should be banned. But calling all support who take gold is greedy is also wrong.

True statement when you are in static you don’t pay…
You do get paid for bus service to players outside your static group :wink: if you are selling the run

If a PUG support wants to get paid because certain parties offer them gold they should go for it. There is northing wrong with taking gold when offered as long as both parties understand what’s involved.

The game is already designed in a way when you spend money everything becomes more convenient, paying for support so parties don’t have to wait for 5-8 hours shouldn’t be a problem

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u want it clear without hassle, just pay

Exactly, you want to skip the find party queue because you don’t have support, you can buy support.

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If there is offer, you can take it. However, understand that is not the norm. The practice itself should be frown upon by everyone even by support players. It invites nothing but more toxicity between DPS and Support where both needs to rely on each other to pass new contents.

It depend on the players. You can say greedy players. Greedy players that will pay to buy support and support to sell their service.

As I said I will never support such a practice because it is not healthy for any sides. I will be glad if both of these types find each other and play with each other.

Edit: GIROROO put it best:

This is the problem and a practice that should be frown upon. You are there so you can clear content together with everyone. I personally will not support that kind of service.

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Let me answer you one by one:

1- Yes, and as long as I can see,you are with me that supports pretending to get pay for that make no sense.

2- DPS offer a bus service when he is over-geared for it and knows well the fight, which takes time for him and also, at least, 1 free bus in order to practice, so give it, at least, minimum 3 weeks to bus the content once it is released. The difference with supports situation is that supports wants to get pay on their first ever run with no experience, and that looks like a joke for me, makes no sense.

3- Totally true and I’m with you in this.

4- You said that there was an argue that supports can’t clear the content, and yes the argue is there and that video shows 3 DPS and 1 supp clearing the content. So is not a point on that argue. And yes, people playing support class build supper cause,as you said, if you want to build DPS they would have picked a different class and the like to play supports even if the have the possibility of playing that support class as dps

As I said I will never support such a practice because it is not healthy for any sides. I will be glad if both of these types find each other and play with each other.

It’s only true if support only plays support and DPS only plays DPS. Many people actually plays both role and only handful of people play just single role.

Also per your logic BUS is horrible practice because new players take bus to skip Oreha, Argos, Valtan, vykas, and clown to get to brelshaza and doesn’t know anything. Bus is actually more detrimental to whole party synergy then parties paying support.

Bus drivers won’t care whether it’s new player or not.

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Yes, that’s a problem because if it starts to be something commong supports will expect yo get pay for TRYING (not for actually clear) a content while no every dps can do a bus, even because they don’t enjoy it or simply because they can’t, because even being over-geared you need to be skilled and experienced enough to bus something and it takes time to learn it, and majority of players don’t want or don’t have the time to learn it or simply aren’t skill enough to do it.

So if it becomes common that every single high iLv support ask for money to clear a content while the majority of dps can’t bus it just suck

No, a bus isn’t detrimental to any sides. It is a proper service which required someone to do the work. The problem here is that you’re suggesting support to be paid when their own performance is questionable.

Why is it questionable and invite more scam to take place? It’s simple - a support refuse to join unless being paid first due to fear of being scam, however, how do you rate performance in a raid of a support? Does that support shield correctly? what about boss mechanics, etc. I hope this get an idea through.

The point is that with a Bus, you know instantly if it is a bad or a good service as well as receiving a refund. Do you think a support that believe he/she is performing well when he/she is not is willing to refund the gold? This is why I said the very practice itself should be frown upon even by support.

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If your alt sucks, then that’s a player issue. Either delete the alt, or learn to play it better.

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Most new players are not paying a bus to first clear content, 99% people pay for their alts to get fast argos gear as an example. I dont know what to tell you, it looks like you are not even an endgame player. You lack so much basic knowledge. I really want to see your character :sleeping:

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If support expect to get paid then get a different support. You said it before yourself support cannot clear the content but 8M dps can.

If support cannot get into party because of too many support or because DPS get tired of support getting paid to run PUG parties, then game will work itself out. Nobody is forcing anybody to pay somebody.

Most new players are not paying a bus to first clear content, 99% people pay for their alts to get fast argos gear as an example. I dont know what to tell you, it looks like you are not even an endgame player. You lack so much basic knowledge. I really want to see your character :sleeping:

Seriously think before you type. When new players starts the game and most alts are taking bus to get weekly done, they have harder time to find a party than the older players. New players will get bussed to our content either by paid service or their friends/guild helping them push to where it’s easier to get parties. Which makes it harder to learn mechanics.

KR server already experienced everything NA/EU server are going through. Only thing KR didn’t experience was the Bots.

If you can’t tell if your support is good or not in the party your with chances are your support isn’t good. Also it probably means you don’t have support class to know how they function. If that’s the case try out the support just for your benefit. When you try out the support you will tell right away whether your support is good or not.

I also think your missing the point. Although not currently fully applicable to our current version. But from 1475+ Argos gives 0 gold as a reward (though this thing is currently not applied yet until Kakul Saydon I believe). Hence " Bussing" is something that still keeps this type of content interesting to do for a high-level/geared class because he can earn some money doing these for lower level/geared players and they have to do nothing in return.

If you think just the regular rewards is enough to “bus” people. The high level players would just run it with other high levels and clear it in 1 minute instead.

not sure how it works in SA, but in EU at least there is plenty of good players pugging. I was pugging Valtan HM since week 1, and all clears were within 1-5 pulls, week 1 was 8 pulls on G2.

as you claim, you play in static, so you shit talking supports playing in people finder is cringe AF