DPS mains are better Support players than Support mains

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isnt bad reality, im dps main and i know what to do and when need a heal or a damage buff, ppl need to try both of it to get more knowledge about what to do


I am a dps main, and when i go and play my paladin i basically switch off my brain because of how easy it is to play this class , but the same cant be said for bard as bard actually involves some skill as it’s slower, less tanky, harder to keep uptime on buffs, harder to shield/heal etc. But yeah after playing dps i certainly gained that knowledge that a lot of support mains lack which is when to heal, when to shield, when to buff etc.

I play dpses at 1490 + and supports at 1490+, what main does that make me? I play magick stream pally since I’ve learned not to be hit by any normal patterns on dps, so I can’t be hit on pally while doing every counter (which I hate it when supports don’t do esp bards).

TBH the most basic thing that a support can do is stand front so boss more likely to face you and give your back attacker ease (or stand opposite of back attacker). I don’t see many do that either Too bards too squishy to reliably tank front attacks :slight_smile:

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Considering that an alt support is much more effective and cheaper than an alt dps, it’s like adding 2+2. Better in this game is to be like a whale, 1525, with everything encore.

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DPS players in this thread xD


Same when I am on my Paladin.
If I see a Zerker using Red Dust, I’ll push his damage even higher with my own buff. If I see a Wardancer using Roar of Courage and Wind Whisper, I’ll see it through with my own buff too. Same applies to every class which boosts its own damage or of the entire party synergy.
Too many braindead Supports who literally just press whatever is off cooldown without paying any attention to what is going on. Oh and I am yet to see a Support main which will sit in front of the boss and be ready to counter if needed or enable back attack classes a bit more instead of sitting behind the boss and forcing them go behind all the time and rotate.

I disagree, here’s my roster without a single support:

Nothing really to add here, factually wrong from the 1st sentence


I have a friend that plays both but his main is BARD/SUPPORT. He is good in both class and he is the one calls the mechanic and direct the party.

Are you a support main yourself or DPS main? Try to play the other one and see if you are also good at it.


this thread is weird.

So basically those that play multiple classes have an understanding of how each class works and can then support those classes better? Not sure that’s rocket science.

Then again it does not matter since supports are often what 9 out of 10 groups are waiting for. So no matter what every support will find a group easier than any BIS decked out dps will.

this thread seems like a passive aggressive call out for supports to ‘get gud’. Can you tell when a support is not as good? sure. However, I rather play with a spamming ability support than no support at all.

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I’m a DPS main. 10 DPS classes and one Paladin.

If you know the cooldowns and personal buffs of DPS classes, you’ll know when they are preparing to do somewhat bigger damage and you should boost that damage even further as a Support, not after the cooldowns have expired and rotation done already.

Also the post isn’t passive aggressive call out for Supports to “git gud”. It’s a post about Supports lacking interest, knowledge and engagement into what is actually happening.

yeah in the time it takes for you to react to sorceress ignite animation and cast any support buff and have it apply the first doomsday already landed so good job. not to mention any high level sorc will cast 2 skills before ignite

also by specifically supporting a single class at a time you end up buffing the entire party less than if you just tried to support the entire party with as much damage uptime as possible


Are you good with your Paladin?


Good/great players dont have a main. They can play any class.


I try to do my best as on any DPS class. I always go for counter on it, stay in front of the boss to bait the aggro so that back attack classes can have a bit more freedom, buff whenever I see what they’re going for and if they use their personals along with it.
Even though I don’t have a Bard, I’m yet to see a Bard player using Rhapsody on Deskaluda when it’s spikes. Haven’t seen a single Bard player use it since release of it.

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I’m quite agree to some degree. Support main may have no clue what they supposed to do till they play dps, then they know how to play their support main better.

The reason I say this, I was like that before i had my 5 other DPS alts. And after I had my DPS, then I started to know what supports need to do to “support”.


imagine taking rhapsody to deskaluda instead of march for more serenade of courage. actually terribad bard player

i am sorry, cant agree, i meet good dps players and meet good support players, same for bad ones, depends how good ppl know his class >D


There is true to that for sure. It is what it is. But Support mains would be much better at playing Support if they got some insight on DPS’s personals and when are they going for maximum output so they can boost that number even higher. That’s all.