DPS Meters Misunderstood

I want you all to put on ur thinking caps and actually think about this, remove ur feelings and think logically.

Current state of without DPS meters;

  • Getting into a party: Gate keeping is based on engravings, gear, tripods, gems, class etc… NOTHING 2 do with DPS meters.

  • After getting into party, the group wipes over and over coz DPS was too low to do ghost phase in Valtan Hard for example leads to the entire group disbanding and noone knows who did what DPS. If theres an obvious player who keeps dying near the beginning then sure, blame him but sometimes random people die at random times here and there, noone specifically stood out but overall DPS was just low. Result is the entire group disbands which is the equivalent of kicking all 8 players and noone is happy.

What would happen WITH DPS meters;

  • Getting into a party: Nothing changes, noone knows what ur DPS is until u actually enter and fight the boss.
  • After getting into party, the group wipes over and over coz DPS was too low → Check DPS meter, see that the bottom 2 players was doing 3x less DPS than the top player and 2x less than the next 2 players. Kick bottom 2 players, take 2 new players, win, ggez DPS meter doing it’s job and majority are happy. The 2 who were kicked will revisit Trixion and figure out what is wrong with their DPS rotation, get better and contribute to the raid group next time.

oh if only this was the extent, I would entirely be happy with it.

Unfortunately I’ve heard horror stories from WoW and I’m not interested.


With DPS Meter

Oh Gunslinger have 3% less DPS never take them again in a party for example

Without Dps meter

No problem


what would really happen in your scenario: you would only find parties declaring “xx DPS min” and after first try/G1 anyone not meeting the threshold would be kicked or yelled on.

I think you understand it wrong. “DPS Meter” is just a e-peen’s man shortcut for the “Combat Log:” which is what games really have and what is important. And there are more ways to implement it.

As a very good example I would mention FFXIV. Where “DPS meters” or any kind of “DPS shaming” is forbidden and strictly banned. Yet their combat log is excessive, including positions and such so you can reconstruct the battle animation and such.

They could’ve limited it to things only affecting you. As long as it could be merged with other people logs it would do the same job.

The current MVP is useless as it gets. Just waste of time “required” to watch it. It doesn’t provide a single useful info. And I don’t believe anything they do will help the case.


Y’all still complaining about this DPS meter, but Gold River and the new leadership have made it very clear about no DPS meters. You can use a third party one if it’s really that big of a deal, but can’t clear Legions if you ain’t got characters to clear it with lmao

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With DPS meter:
Wipe because somebody didnt do the mechanic because he wanted to be the first in DPS.
Start to flame the lowest dps that they wiped because the lack of dmg.

Without DPS meter:
“Lets focus on mechanic guys”


But it already happens without DPS meters during the gate keeping stage. People unwilling to take certain classes due to random comments from streamers i.e Gunslinger = floor pov which is WORSE than if there was actually metrics to back it up. U need to understand that for every “problem” u think the DPS meter may bring, the problem was worse before the DPS meter.

Who cares…Devs ‘There are no plans for dps meters’…/the end


I just said, ur party wiped because DPS was too low, DPS WAS the mechanic ur party didn’t pass. Also if u died, ur DPS should show that it’s lower than the others so ppl won’t be stupid enough to greed if it means floor POV coz thats even less DPS? What u say doesn’t make sense.

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IDC what Goldriver said, we’re discussing whether what he thinks is legit or not coz he never gave line by line reasoning as to why, for all I know hes trying to hide the lack of class balance coz u can’t see how badly classes are balanced without it.


What would happen WITH DPS meters;

  • interviewer ask for dps meter log/screenshot of a recent raid
  • gear shame, build shame, force require meta
  • being a dick about dps when it should not be relevant
  • playerbase will shrink into a small and very toxic group of people

Fail raid, big deal. Yesterday i was in a chill Valtan raid, the paladin in our party played poorly, our party could not survive even the first gate and he behaved really toxic while everyone was chilling. We voted quit and some of us stayed in lobby, everyone was bellow 1425, got a new bard and we successfully raid both gates the next try, none of us died before the ghost pharse (execept me because i suck). The point is failing is not a big deal when you are chilled, you might lose a buch of pots and time but it can still be fun, and dps doesn’t really matter at least with the current content.


Oh man. You havent played too much WoW then.
Even in normal dungeon in Lost Ark I saw sometimes that we wiped because somebody didnt know the mechanics and just wrote that the dps was shit and thats why we wiped. This is some classic WoW mentality.

But it doesnt matter what you or I think because there wont be DPS meter in the game. Never.

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Still say no to dps metres. If it was anything like in ESO you’d get gatekeeped from attending raids bc people wanted you to do 100k+ dps on content you could clear at 70k-90k dps. And then there’s gear and class shaming that’s currently happening.

Literally pointless but okay. Whatever makes you feel you got inches in the double digits.


I played alot of WoW and GW2, I’ve done all raids on all difficulties hence why I KNOW theres a need for DPS meters if u don’t wanna keep wiping and not know who to kick. Like it or not this game is a game of Maths, the skins are just there for aesthetics, like it or not each player has to do an X amount of DPS to kill the boss prior to enrage timer and the only way to accurate assess whats happening is with a DPS meter, you of all people should understand this fact if you’re a WoW raider.

Think about what u just said, u can’t gate keep DPS coz u dunno how much DPS the player is gonna pull until AFTER u start the encounter and wiped then went back to town, this is why I keep saying u lot are so emotional and have no logic to why DPS meters are good or bad.

All the content is getting cleared no problem without a dps meter since the game launched years ago in Korea and here…and then there’s you ’ I KNOW theres a need for DPS meters ’

  • interviewer ask for dps meter log/screenshot of a recent raid
    Why can’t this already exist with MVP screens? If ppl aren’t asking for a MVP screenshot of u finishing the raid before then why is it suddenly gonna happen with DPS meters?
  • gear shame, build shame, force require meta
    Already happening WITHOUT DPS meters, thats what gatekeeping means and theres excess gatekeeping coz ppl don’t even know how much DPS each player needs to pull so out of fearmongering they expect 4x3 on normal Valt, with a DPS meter, u could probably get in with a 3x3 based on how much actual DPS u need 2 pull.
  • being a dick about dps when it should not be relevant
    Dicks will be dicks whether theres a meter or not, they will just find something else to be a dick about i.e “Oh look u guys didn’t even make the MVP screen”
  • playerbase will shrink into a small and very toxic group of people
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Show me one raid available right now in our game that has DPS checks?
Yea higher DPS makes it easier(less mechanics) but isn’t required to clear.
at the same time
If I make a raid for Valtan should I kick everyone that ever died before me cause every clear I had, I was one of the ppl alive in the end.
Do I do highest DPS? Hell no, with all those stupid cutscenes there are times when I don’t have full metter to get buff from stance switch.(glavier)
You don’t clear cause of lack of DPS, but because you die, and DPS meter would only make it worse.

99% of the time wipes are not caused by not having enough dps but dead dps on the ground…facts. You really dont understand the end game content.