DPS Meters Misunderstood

advice is a suggestion for a change. pointing out your stupidity and the obnoxious thing you’re doing is not advice because just like that quote says, genuinely don’t give a fuck about you

did l say its an issue between me and you? quote it thanks. it is a community issue that has that exact perspective and it is one you have yourself

This right here, in itself, proposed a change of thought to the intended reader.

By not using or adding group terminology into the statement but instead referring to “i” “you”, words that defined 2 individuals. The content of the narration narrowed down to 2 individuals.

Seriously, you have a problem in communication. You dont even know how to writes your thoughts effectively.

its equivalent to telling a shitter hes being a shitter that you run into. simply stating a fact and what you do with that doesn’t matter to me since l’m never going to play with you again. in this case, l have no intention of being a retard’s friend so if its advice to you, so be it but it was not.

did l say l believed you specifically and no one else had that mentality? its the same thought process as 99% of antimeters in this thread. not everything is about only you and especially nothing from me is about only you because like l said, l genuinely do not give a fuck about you or your wellbeing

someone could dm me to let me know you were hit by a car and ended up crippled from the neck down and at best l’ll shrug my shoulders then go do my dailies

Can you even comprehend the discussion above? Wtf are you trying to turn this into?

Now you’ve lost the plot and going any which way to hide the fact of the topic you’ve gotten into is way over your head.

“l don’t like what you like so it shouldn’t exist” - classic mentality of most people in this community and other close minded individuals

spelled it out for your dumbass, happy? since you seem to think l care enough about you to make it personal

because what a genius thought is that, fun for you isn’t fun for someone else and vice versa. crazy right? you’re like a senile boomer that just can’t grasp the thought of people not spending every conscious second of their lives outside having their preconceived notion of fun

sorry to burst your bubble.

It’s sad that people need DPS meter to filter pugs. I guess they aren’t good enough to get accepted into a static and now they are trying to sound as though they are top tier players just because they advocate for DPS meter.

Good players don’t need a DPS meter to tell them if they are good. Only bad players needs visual guides and measurements because they aren’t adept enough to gauge their own capabilities. I implore the rest of you to pity them instead of raging against them. They deserve our sympathy.

KR/RU/JP players can clear endgame raids just fine without the rampant need to rely on DPS meter. They don’t need DPS meter to cheat Hell mode to see boss’s HP. Only these select few NA/EU players are crying for it.

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yeah who needs tools to measure anything in the world? rulers, tape measures, scales, lap timers? who cares just eyeball it and count in your head. if you aren’t good enough to freehand, you’re garbage

where anywhere did even a single person say they wanted/needed a meter to clear? this “we cleared and thats all that matters” mentality is a joke

Its ok, there no need to hide or be shy even if you’re bad.

Comparing essential need of measuring tools for real world issues to something that is non-essential in gaming.

There’s nothing I can say to that.

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literally none of that is essential if your standards are low enough and the same applies here. move along dunning kruger

Imagine thinking dps meter is gonna produce accurate unbiased result if a party member is unlucky in Vykas and keeps getting picked by the cone mechanic and have to stop dps in order to drop it at the edge of the map.

theres 8 people and each cone is like 6 seconds. even if you’re marked for the pizza 3 times and don’t dps during any of them, it impacts your total runs dps by not even 10% for the valtan ones.

either way if you’re tracking your own progress, you’d obviously have outliers on rng carried runs and rng cursed runs. most will land around the same points which is what most of mine have been doing even for deskaluda matchmaking

Large IF. Common use for DPS meter is to measure epeen in an encounter.

Nobody can deny that as that’s the reason sites like FFLogs exists and have personally seen many times DPS meter used to belittle others in FF14, 8 out of 10 times.

Don’t tell me it’s different with LA because people here ain’t no saints.

did anyone ever say people would never use it to be toxic? is meterless going to somehow stop toxic people from being toxic? those people will talk shit no matter what the circumstances are

That’s the reason people are opposed to this idea. We know most users of DPS meters are bad apples and these bad apples ruins it for others.

okay and whats stopping me from ruining someone’s experience without a meter? instead of seeing piss poor dps and griefing, l see someone run from a stagger and grief instead even if they were potentially doing perfectly fine. l see rainbow stats and grief even if they’re potentially god gamers that are so good they outperform even with the handicap. l see a mokoko hunter title and grief just because those people are notoriously dog shit. l see a cutscene enjoyer and grief just because generally lore enjoyers are a waste of time. all of these are easily excused if the player is simply good and meterless makes it impossible to confirm that. instead l just assume and grief

LA is a mechanically focused game. Even ATK (or most guide makers) advices to prioritize mechanics over DPS.

If I have to choose between someone who runs from a stagger check and a mediocre dps parser who did not. Guess who’s getting kicked?

In the first place, I’m not sure how does rainbow stats gets accepted into a party and stand a chance to be parsed.

If I see a rainbow stats with 5x3 engravings, I wouldn’t even accept them on the basis that they don’t understand the game, as stats > engravings anytime.

so far not really.

if the stagger was cleared, mediocre hopefully.

because gear scaling on this game is so piss poor that skill diff is huge.

poor god gamer > mediocre correct stat. l personally wouldn’t touch rainbow stat players with a 20 ft pole but if they have a log of them doing acceptable dps anyway, what do l have to complain about.

the gear on someone’s character doesn’t matter to me if the brain in their skull is too poor to perform

I get your argument but I still believe dps meter is far from being an effective tool to filter out good/bad players.

Now, if we can see the ratio of a player being dead vs X raid no.of clears, that would be more telling.

Player A cleared Valtan HM 10 times. 6 out of 10 clears, Player A is dead during the clear run.

This stat will paint a clearer picture of a player’s capabilities the longer the raid has been out because it means the player had many weeks of clears but he/she is still dead most of the clears.

while probably very effective, clear counts would cause gatekeeping even worse than what we have now and worse than people asking for dps logs. worst of all, no one would want to run with brand new players that just got the content unlocked. right now not a big deal since we’ve only had raids for a month and a week but like 6 months from now? 20+ clears only LF> supports

If you’re failing to DPS checks in GW2 its because your team have royally screwed up mechanics. The only DPS check wipe I’ve ever seen in wing 1 and 2 is when people try to rush Gorseval and there’s some pleb who can’t do their rotation or someone not clearing orbs.

Just about every other boss is going to wipe you from mechanics before enrage. I have seriously never seen raid where there’s been 8/10+ alive and we’ve hit an enrage timer. You do NOT need a DPS meter for that. Your lack of understanding shows that you’ve never either raided beyond pugs, or even cleared the first wing.

Do I really need to list out everyone raid boss on every wing and explain the mechanics to you? I’m not here to debate about GW2.

The point stands, if you know what you’re doing you don’t need a DPS meter to tell if someone is underperforming.