DPS Recount it's a must!

No thanks. If you want to improve, go to Trixion and talk to Beatrice. She’ll take you to the training room and you can hit a boss scarecrow and test your dps there.

This wont get abused or anything, right? With the way the game plays, a damage meter wouldn’t really be a true representation of your group’s output because of mechanics. There’s no true tank to hold aggro, so uptime overall is significantly less than in wow, for example. Then there’s the issue of overgearing. We’re dealing with much wider jumps in ilvl with a greater impact on damage than in wow.



If you’re good you know it, don’t need a DPS meter.

You can test your build out in Trixion, there is a DPS meter there.


Weird way to describe a dps meter. I support a personal meter but gamers are too fragile these days for a party wide meter.


Couldn’t agree more, dem snowflakes. :slight_smile:


Why would i blame a players who’s way undergeared than i am? You mentioned wow, in mythic+, why would you ever care of the dps of one player that’s having 30/40 il lower than you? The reason you want a dps meter is when you are in a group of 4 mens around same gearscore and engraving and you deal 50% of the damage and another one is slacking and deals 10% of the damage just bcs noone can see the real damage participation. Regarding mechanics, you cant be that “unlucky” to be focused by the boss in every guardian raid/abyss etc you are doing, just be serious now…

Extensive discussion on this already… linking for reference

odds are you will never see this kind of implementation in this game though. You would need to goto the smilegate devs with this. Reportedly they are very adamant about keeping meters like this out of the game.

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You haven’t even left the tutorial yet ask for something incredibly gamechanging as a dps meter. The fk dude xd


Probably wont happen since NA people are snowflakes


likely wouldn’t get a party wide one to see how other players in the group performed due to reasons other players stated earler, people are snowflakes now adays and can’t take heat when they underperform.

but could push for maybe something that’ll only show your stats for the raid, but it’d have to include more than just dps such as “damage mitigated”, “healing done”, “stagger damage done”, “destruction damage”, and probably a few other stats since there’s much more to the game than just doing damage.

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M+ players are the epitome of toxicity in wow, though. So this is already sounding like you just want an excuse to be a POS to people.

But what are you going to do with that information? “Put them in their place like the trash they are” ? Why not just be happy that the encounter is cleared and move on?
Treating this like wow, where you don’t have to worry about attacks missing or chasing the boss down every few seconds is just a bad idea. It’s like asking for a damage meter in Monster Hunter, which would be equally dumb.

Are we playing the same game? A boss can totally focus you and ruin your uptime or jump out of your big damage attacks. Things out of your control can totally impact your damage output. Yes, to the point where 1 player can do amazing and the other can be screwed on damage based on the boss’s actions.


recount in lost ark… xD

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So many things wrong with theese statements…
DPS is meaningless in lost ark, you are not better than anyone else b/c you did more damage, first of your role in a party is not dpsing alone, countering/staggering/helping party members/completing mechanics is much much more important than dpsing… there is a bunch of ppl that think that dps is really important in Lost ark, it is not, all bosses have more than nuf time to be dpsed down, you dont need to know your dps b/c it encourages crap gameplay… getting cruel fighter does not mean you carried anything.


If there was a dps meter people would be even worse with standing in boss mechanics to try and maximise their uptime


They aren’t going to do that but they should at least show our percentages in the MVP screen even if we aren’t MVP. Seeing a Bard or Pally get MVP because no one used pots isn’t useful info to me.

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Cope. Better DPS = boss dies quicker = you spend time doing other stuff. The real reason they won’t add a DPS meter is because people would actually realize how shit the class balance truly is.

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The DPS meter there is borderline useless because bosses have mechanics and move around.

if you die your dps goes down, i doubt that’d cause this.

Haven’t you ever played an mmo with a dps meter?

What I said happens in FF and wow for example.
It would be even worse for lost ark because mechanics are more important to dodge in this game.

TRUE, na hates competition

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or the players on the class :rofl: