#Dreamstate Compiled Lost Ark Guides List

Official OGRDSGaming Website

Anything we personally develop or use will be posted on the website & edited here (@Credits Given for all known Creators)

Items of use to the Community:
~ Valtan Mechanics/Strats Spreadsheet by Phenomkk (Very Informative - Best we’ve come across)
~ #DS GvE Island Spreadsheet Example
~ #DS GvG Island Spreadsheet Example
~ #DS Valtan Spreadsheet Example
~ Weekly Roster Gold Calculator by Namelessdeath
~ Lost Ark Guide List
~ Guide for Rapport
~ #DS Valtan Prep/Argos Spreadsheets
~ #DS BIS Gathering Zones for Each Profession
Most of the stuff you’ll see will be best types of guides we’ve come across, easy enough to follow & simple to explain. Just a complied list for people to use, save constantly finding specific guides.

Mostly took from Lost Ark Official Discord Server/Edited to Moonkeep EUW economy with some of our own slowly now being released.

:exclamation:Note: - Website guides are in the process of being transitioned over to the new website, some links won’t work until updated (Will be updated over the weekend) along with a range more specifically prepping for vykas :exclamation:

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