Drip feeding classes doesn't seem like a good idea

This is my first post on the forums, but I just felt like this time I have to say something, even if it leads to no change.

Drip feeding classes is an awful idea. I do want to believe AGS did this for the longevity of the game, but I feel like it’ll end up backfiring. Players like me, who want to play artist, have to wait 9+ months before we get a chance to play the class we wanted to main in the first place. By that time, who knows how many (real) people are even still playing?
Plus, a lot of people will just take a huge break until their preferred class comes out (just like me).

I also want to add, if this was done in order to not run out of content too quickly, it’s still not realistic; I don’t believe classes should be considered content. They’re more of a tool used to navigate said content. It’s also not realistic to think players at large will play every new class, or even try them.

Honestly I don’t expect the current outcry will change anything. It’s happened like 3 times since the western release, on larger scales before too, yet AGS/Smilegate somehow still thought this was the best way forward.
I’m trying really hard to be positive and have good faith in the company, but at this point, it doesn’t feel like anyone truly listens to the feedback. Actions, afterall, speak more than words.

Sorry for the long and perhaps incoherent ramble


It’s a terrible idea that is going to backfire. Who the fuck is going to come back to a game because of a single class and continue playing it after a week once they realize they are ten or more months behind on mats and won’t be doing current endgame content with people for months?

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It absolutely is a misguided nonsense interpretation of worthless data

These are the same people that let New World eat dirt while telling the community that “feedback is valued but we also make decisions with all the data we gather!”

Now you know how it feels with every bad decision they make. This is already a chain reaction where we accept one bad idea. SG/AGS will shove bad ideas down ur throat without care. First the ugly look of shadowhunter demon form, questionable aesthetic choices, Weird item level requirement differences in certain content compare to KR, VPN Ban, Next 1 class per 2 months drip feeding, Gambling lootboxes. They are basically testing the audience waters for bad decision making.