Drop issues in Chaos Dungeon


It seems that the final boss in the second room in Chaos dungeons (mainly T3 ?) is not looting properly in some cases.
It seems to happen relatively often (but not all the time) where killing the boss will drop something similar to what you would expected from just a named (yellow) ennemy.

This picture shows the drops i got on one of my runs for example.

There is also a reddit thread talking about the issue : https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/ub6h0h/t3_chaos_dungeons_have_to_be_bugged/



I agree something is going on with the drop in T3 chaos. Look nerf to me since the patch.


Interesting, thank you for adding the reddit thread, helps me gauge the overall scope of the issue.

I’ll pass this over to the team to look in to. Thank you.


What would help the devs investigate this further? I have been noticing this as well since the patch but really thought it was just bad RNG as one day I got normal amounts of loot.

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Flat out its a ninja nerf to all those people who would do 2 phases then peace out if no gold or red portal - as there is not a total mats nerf over the whole dungeon I expect the rewards were moved into the red crystal bosses in phase 3

Even runs with aura of resonance feel nerfed, by a good amount. I wish I had taken numbers down but after a few weeks of saving for my Glaivier, I am getting less or just about equal per day from my 4 T3 characters than what I was getting last week from 3. At first I thought it was just a bad day or 2 but across 4 characters this whole week so far I have gotten less mats on my 2 daily runs when compared to my 3 characters last week.

1415/1340/1325 last week and then you add in my 1380 Glaivier this week.

I don’t do to much farming without aura so I cant really say I am getting less or more there.

T3 Chaos Dungeons are 100% bugged on the second stage and not dropping the appropriate amount of loot. This needs to be a high priority.


Got 5 Destruction stone crystals from the last boss in the 2nd stage in chaos dungeons. Def bugged


Not only is the overall loot drastically lower from chaos dungeons, but ticket chances seem to have been nerfed as well. Ran 8 characters over the course of a week and usually get at least a couple of each ticket per character. This week I have gotten about 2 total between all characters.
The amount of crystals we are getting is much much lower. Like I can’t even afford a single weapon hone between 3 t3 characters over 3 days. That is far too little when I was getting around 1 per day before.


Can confirm this happens fairly often.

Happens to me as well on all my characters T3 and T2. Sometimes it drops absolutely nothing or 100 silver

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Another thread with evidence for cms

i hope this gets into the priority list.

I have also noticed this. Much less drops from chaos dungeons in T3 than before the patch, especially on the big boss in second floor.

On my side with 7 alts t3(1370+) is much less pure mat drop but high quanty on dismantle items, almost double the mats.

So i think is a huge nerf to infinite chaos but a small buff to 2 chaos daily.

I noticed this, too!
Even though it says the Punika Sun 1 will drop Epic Accessories, it drops only the blue ones (even with the rest bonus applied!), and sometimes the yellow boss doesn’t drop anything (or little to nothing) like somebody mentioned above.
There’s almost no value for the past week doing Chaos Dungeons.
Glad someone posted about this, I thought only the content and the grind are getting harder and the probability lower, like in honing haha

Just had my room 2 boss drop this. Something definitely seems wrong.


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same problem here , in chaos 1400

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I’ve definitely noticed this as well. It feels so anticlimactic.

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1400 Chaos, floor 2 boss gave me only 5 guardian stone