Drop rate nerfed. smile gate punishing bot or players?

in 3 weeks i buyed more 50 leg pack and i dropped 44blu and 6 epic…
in 3 weeks the max i dropped to end of daily chaos is the epic book… with 6 chars in 3 weeks, NO 1 leg books i think they failed again something…

I 'm tired to be scammed…
i can with 6chars (over 1480 main 1525) ,get with legions and a few buses,maximum 50k for week .
And to dress up just one of these characters, I spend 20K just on pheons, due to the disproportionate price of gems. It was not really the case to nerf the drop rate.
we endured everything… the continuous crashes and bugs present daily. The endless hours of server off only to discuss your mistake, which made us find ourselves in negative with the Pheons. Enough is enough. You are abusing our patience. I spent everything on fucking legendary packages for the hope of finding a Thirein. Or even a Guardian Luen that strangely I have at 5 together with Luterra Card … and I don’t think it’s a coincidence even questo.ma I can’t find 44 rare and 6 epic, in a package that could give epic and rare leg.
You have tired us. I’m not asking to help honest players. I only ask not to smash them further

They did not nerf drop raits its just bad luck. Smile gate doesnt adjust raits on these things without telling us.

I openned 750 card packs 500 of them from mari and only 17 legendary books, in 17 card i ve got 1 inanna 2 thirain and 1 kadan, ffs fekt so scammed

i got 1 leg book from chaos in a year, are u trippin?

dude, im sure they nerfed…
the books too. the mouths ago with 6 chars ,i Dropped at least 1 leg book in a week…
now in 3 weeks i drop only epic books at the final reward of chaos

i talk 1/2 mounths ago

copium-copege (1)

Card rates were always this bad, and by this bad i mean inexistent.

Ultra money sink