Drops from Chaos dungeon didn't make it to inventory

As shown in image, I “acquired” a series of Dimensional gear on my first two Punika Chaos Dungeon runs (immediately after unlocking it by completing “Festival Adventure”, but they didn’t show in my inv window; am I missing something regarding how Tier3 gear is supposed to work? Did I get into a nasty bug? what’s going on?

Leaving original topic as I didn’t find any info anywhere and it might help others; I’m an idiot and had auto-dismantle turned on for blue (rare) gear; I’m pretty sure that was it as shown in the image by the guardian stone crystans acquired immediately after those items

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Hello @Tylien

I’m sorry to hear about your dismantled items :frowning:

Anyway, I still appreciate you shared what was the situation if any other player needs help with this so let’s mark it has the solution this time!

Have a nice day a see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger: