Drops of Ether needs to be picked up with G instead of proximity

What about if when the orb spawned it has a grace period of about 2 seconds before it can be grabbed? This would give time for the support it most likely spawned on top of to get out of the way from grabbing it, and not to long of a wait that most other players would be able to react soon enough to head for it. since most the issues are from the fact the orbs LOVE spawning on the support generating, I feel this might help more so while not making any major changes to the Engraving or adjusting the buff itself.

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:rofl: :rofl:

Yes a thousand times yes.

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Just let me know if it happens, because I will immediately replace it with another engraving :slight_smile:

Bro what are you talking about! I see flash orbs dropping on the arena fire in clown G3 and I jump to them and get burned for my surge :joy:

Mine doesn’t -.-

I drop this engraving because of this. Around 60% of time they spawn next to me. I change Drops for Heavy armor. If they change it somehow i will use it again.

No one would pick orbs up anymore, if this was the case.
Can’t be bothered to stand ontop of the orb, spamming G for 2 seconds until the servers responds.
With proximity pickup I can at least keep taking part in the fight.

Ether Predator and Ether Orbs both need to be reworked in a way, that no picking up is needed in the first place.

maybe its an option if you generate an Ether that you have it as an ability and then you can press like 1 to give it to nr 1 in your party would be more easier so the dps dont have to bother to go to the ether or press G ^^

Just slap a 2-3 sec timer before u can pick it, problem solved.

Add a tiny little bar above orb (like Mystic fog purple bar), when bar disappears, u can pick buff.

what you said makes the most sense in regards to improving DoE engraving for me personally. i like all the ideas over what we have currently but having to press G on it adds an extra layer of mechanic to already what we have (which may or may not be difficult for people or add difficulty to people that play on a higher ping).

the best i thought of was what everyone else did where it drops a bit away from the support so we dont automatically pick it up which is a fix for sure.

and another idea people were mentioning were making it a party buff where they give a quarter for everyone as an aoe buff but making it less potent which makes solo content harder with it. however the idea you have works really well since if they let us save it under preset so if im on my support raid build i only pick up mp orb for example and in my dps solo build for chaos i can select everything.

You do that and it’ll drop even further on the list of priority engravings behind VHP

Yes and no, sometimes I pick up strength or flash ethers as support because it spawns too close. Pressing G sounds good, but be honest after 1 week of implementing this the forums would be full of “revert it back” topics. It would be better if the ethers spawns much further than now.


this would greatly improve this already decent engraving. good idea.

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Instead of picking orbs, why not proc an aura effect such as:

Instead of an orb of 10% damage, it procs an aura giving 3% DMG for 20s within 5 meters of the player?

The orb thing is really bad because most of the players are doing mechanics. The yearning set has an aura-like effect so why not change drops of ether to an likewise effect?

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Lol no

Biggest concern I have with implementing party wide buffs through this engraving is the questio: how weak is too weak to be balanced?

I frankly don’t like reducing power just for balance, I prefer options and interaction. Drops of Ether is part of the ether mechanic bunch that exists in this game, whenever theres an orb it behaves the same way, so what I think happened was they designed the ethers first then the engraving. Looking at it its pretty much intended for a solo player to get the orbs, given their way of generation and buff selection.

To properly work DoE into a support engraving it would take a lot more redesigning, considering what would actually benefit change and such. The press G is the simplest and more straightfoward wirkaround I could think of that would’t require any layer of deeper thought put into balance

Just replace this with Vital Point Hit or something. This engraving is annoying af lmao.

I really do wish that SG would openly talk about the notes on certain topics that they’d get from AGS data collection. That way we could know if stuff like Drops of Ether ever gets brought to their attention.

PS: I have an accessory specifically used to swap in and out of Drops of Ether that I rarely use because I die inside whenever I watch my orbs get ignored and then die a little harder when they spawn close enough to me to be insta absorbed.

If it’s an instant pick up then sure. It definitely is annoying when you as a support picks up the flash or str orb over dps.

I use this engraving and feel the pain.

I think it should just be an option under settings. /shrug