DROPS twitch only on one server

I have claimed the DROPS on a server in South America, but when I go to EU WEST they do not appear linked to my account.

This type of content should be linked to your account, and show up on any server.

I know you’re new here but you need to pay better attention to current events.

It says on the Product Inventory what kind of “Binding” it has. That you did not read it is your own fault.

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Oh, is my fault for no connect in EU servers LOL

they are bound to one character . so if you redeem em in murica you can have them… IN MURICA…

Thats a thing why ppl are reluctant to move from central europe to west… Because they have progress and redeemed stuff they cant have and amazon dont care to help with this

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For that reason it would be best to link to the “account” certain things like pets, crystals, mounts, not silver or gold etc, but things that are linked to “unique” objects.