Dual class matchmaking bug

Currently there is a huge matchmaking bug:

  • Have 2 of the same class in matchmaking (Tested 2 Berserkers, 2 Paladins)
  • Have 2 supports (I.E. Bard and Paladin)
  • Queue up for instance (I.E. Guardian)
  • Sit at 2/4
  • Queue will shoot up to 3/4 then jump back down to 2/4

Still outstanding bug as of 6/5/22


Hello, this is an issue I have previously brought up with the team. I’ll send another report through as this appears to still be ongoing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention again.

This has been ongoing for some time now, and i’m worried it might be a feature or something for balancing synergies, can you confirm that it will be fixed or if its meant to be that way? :slight_smile:

Bug still in the game its been in since release and been brought up to devs, i assume they said to screw off considering its still in the game.