DualSense / Dualshock support

It’s missing, add it please, at the very least Dualsense which is the newest one. There is no reason not do so for a new game like this one.

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This isn’t a new game. It’s several years old.

Dualsense works perfectly fine in the game, I just tested it. You have to turn on gamepad usage in the options and make sure Steam loads the config for it, but it works as well as any other controller.

No. It’s a new game, versions from other regions are completely irrelevant to us.

It works thanks to steam alone. However native support or, at the bare least, adding an option to switch to the playstation button symbols in the game would be a massive improvement over the bare bones support that steam gives.

Then there is no issue, now is there? Seeing as how you must use Steam to play the game you’ll likely never run into any issues beyond user error. Unless you’re incapable of instantly recognizing one button layout as another. Which lots of actually new games don’t do to this day.

Dual Sense controller works great if you’ve got it setup for steam. We just need an option to change the button icons to PlayStation. It’s really weird with the Xbox ones.

Not sure if this is a steam issue or game issue but the touch pad is set as the left & right options buttons instead of as its own two buttons. Not a big deal but would be nice to have it split up.