Dungeon Reward not given - Naruna Hot Springs

  1. I am not sure if this reward is RNG, but based on previous dungeons that award on completion I have to assume it is not.
  2. I completed this dungeon with a party on hard mode first. On completion, I noticed I was not awarded the expected chest with T3 honing materials.
  3. Assuming this might be due to the fact it was a story quest, I completed all the dialogue options with the nearby NPCS.
  4. I then re-ran the dungeon, again on hard mode but solo. I was still not awarded the chest.

If someone can confirm it’s rng, that’s fine but as T3 mats are scarce, this is dishearting.


Completed on Normal and this was awarded as expected. So I am reporting an issue with the Hard reward not being granted as expected.

This also happened to a friend of mine. We ran it together and he didn’t get the chest for first run.

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