Dungeon servers not working

Im just making this post since I do not see any posts about it, only about shop not working aura not working etc.

But for some reason 0 posts about the main issue with EUC, the “Matchmaking” servers or dungeon servers, you cant even get into a dungeon solo, yet alone in a party anything remotley to “prime” time, only times the game is playable is between about 2 am and 8 am in the morning which basicly dont make us an EU server anymore if we have to play at those hours

If you do spam the dungeon entry any other time of the day even if you do manage to win the lottery get a party and loadingscreen into the dungeon after maybe 1h+ of spamming the button you still run the risk of randomly getting kicked from the dungeon and losing your entry for the day/week

over 80% of my guild lost their weekly abyssal run on 1 or several abyss dungeons either this week, last week or both and many have spoken to support about it and all we get is a “sorry lol just wait for weekly reset, no compensation will be given”

and ive seen amazon “aknowledging” this problem with saying that commerce servers will be fixed in next weeks patch and sending links to the “known issues” thread where it speaks about the shop and aura etc, which is not the same issue at hand at all.

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