Dupes of Founder Packs

Hi, amazon games told about sending free founder packs for who buy founder packs. I buy all of founder packs(bronze, silver, gold, plat). But i was dont claim them yet. I was plannig testing few class then claim it. My question is if i dont claim my founder packs, game still send me second founder packs?

You can claim the packs as long as you’re happy with your current server.
If you open them, you get more chests which then have to be opened on the desired class to turn the skins into class bound skins.
You can just let the skin chests closed and open once you found your class

i was asking a simple question, there is a lot of misinformation. I want to know i can get second packs or not.
they didnt clear situation because of that a lot of people doesnt know what is going on. On my server there is 15k Que, i am working, how can i redeem my founder packs if cant login. 99% player is talking about how happy because they can use it on same server while i cant even redeem it.

You have to claim your founders pack rewards BEFORE tomorrow otherwise you will NOT get the second founders pack.

thank you, there is still time for me.

Probably a little late for this, but could this time be extended. I’d been waiting for an opportunity to create a character on a server that a friend is playing but is still blocked for new characters and i lost the opportunity to redeem my platinum founder’s pack on a new server. Is there anything that can be done?