Duplicate login?

server very laggy, my game hangs in loading screen for 10 minutes, have to force close, start game back up, get this
Am I going to get banned over this bug?


I get disconnected trying to connect to server again, then start game back up and get this


I just got the same error, the game froze when finishing the prologue, I had to hard quit and now I can’t login.

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I also have this issue. Was leaving a dungeon, loading bar got stuck. Force closed the game, then had this popup. Also happened to the other member of my party in the same dungeon, and also to another friend in a completely different party and dungeon.

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Same issue, game froze during load screen so I had to shut it from task manager but when I try to log back in, it’s as if the server still think i’m logged in and keep force exiting the game at the server entrance screen due to duplicate login error message

Exact same issues as above. Now locked out for 10 minutes.

Was trying to load into a dungeon and got stuck on loading screen, force closed and now getting that message.
Don’t want anything to happen to the account.

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Happened to me too, kinda sucks hopefully it gets resolved ://

was able to logged back in…i think it just timed you out for 10 mins or there is a lag in the update to detect you logged out of the server due to hard shutdown of game.

yeah, my party member was able to get back in, i’m trying now. mildly annoying but glad it works itself out.

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Same issue here, got timed out while being away for a bit, then trying to log in again first gets an error after realm selection, then the next time I get the first error in this thread and the subsequent time I get the 10 minute timeout message.

Please fix this, there’s no reason to punish people for trying to log in after your buggy game disconnects them!! When you get a login attempt for an existing logged in user, just kill the old session and let the new one in because this is almost ALWAYS because of issues like this where the user got disconnected and the server just hasn’t cleaned up the connection yet.


Welp. Login screen froze. tried twice to login, same 10 minute restriction. I think amazon didnt think of people alt-tabbing when position 1k + in que.

L.E.: I waited 3h+ again, from 9K+ position, i got in, i switched to fullscreen and checked fast twitch for drop. when I tried to go back game froze again. I am. anger. Devs, I hope you get a hidden space in your main code.

the same thing, hope if enough people mention it here they’ll take notice…

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I just encountered the same bug (EU, Steam, Neria Server). Is someone from support gonna repond to this issue? It is so annoying. First of waiting 3h to get past queue, then stuck in infinite loading screen, had to force close the game, restart the steam client, and now can’t get past the server login because of Duplicate Login Bug…
Thx for more bugs like this.

Same problem, Neria EU

I just got this as well (EU, Steam, Neria Server). Game was hanging on the loading screen and after a few minutes I got an error which kicked me out of the game. Tried to log back in and got the duplicate login error.

jup tried creating my 1st alt - after name select OK greyed out and nothing happened…

after XX min i alt+f4 and now cant get back in 0.o

new world 2.0

yea happened to me to on neria.
i think the server has some problem.

Same here…on Neria :confused:

yup, same here, just few min ago got 10 min restrict for duplicate login after hour of w8ting in queue

I got this error too on Neria about 5 mins ago, I guess I’ll just wait