Duplicate purchases due to an ingame error

Hello. These are posts about duplicate items due to a bug in the in-game shop that made us lose money and you’re not giving any solution. These are some of them, there’s a lot more people with the same issue.
It’s not just a few, so please give us a proper response and a solution. Not just send us to Amazon Games Support where they can’t really help us and keep sending us to other people (here, steam support etc).
We’re asking to refund us ingame purchase so we get our crystals (blue or royal) back.

Thank you.


Today i opened another chat in Amazon Games Support, and they made a report to the developers and told me to wait for their response, they said they are notifying me via email in the following days.
If anybody gets an answer, please keep the rest updated, thanks!


Hi there, that’s the best option

Thank you for your understanding, best of lucks.

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Amazon support has told me multiple times now that this is a steam issue but steam has no option to contact them. what is the reason behind this very vague customer support?

Any news ? It’s not a steam issue

Nothing yet :expressionless:

Being scammed out of crystals thanks to faulty servers poggers champion

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Been over a week and still no response after the mail i recieved lol.

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We must warn people that if they spend money on this game they may lose it. Maybe you never get the items or the shop working as shit makes you duplicated purchases without a refund option.
Lost Ark’s support and developers team just ignore us, and make fun of us.
If I knew this I wouldn’t spent a single cent in this game.


I dont know if anyone of you guys still care, but today i got a refund for the multiple purchases. After contacting amazon support once again they proceeded to update the previous ticket with some more info and later when i logged in again my crystals had been refunded and the excess items removed.

The whole process took a month but after several mails/tickets i got a refund.

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I’m glad to read that!

They responded to me today. 5 weeks later.

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Thats really rough, what did they say to you?

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They wanted to refund me but after so much time I redeemed the duplicate products to sell them for gold, because devs were ignoring all of us for a long time. So, too late for me…

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+1 this also happened to me.
I clicked purchase and it said in game error and showed some code (yellow floating text), I waited a bit and clicked purchase again and then I got double purchase. Fortunately it was something useful, but could have been very concerning.

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Im sorry that it took so long, but at least now we know they will eventually refund you…

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