Duplicated in game purchases that i didnd make

So I purchased a costume for my sorceress in game but it kept telling me that the shop was under maintenance try again later. So i assumed that it didnt take my crystals and I just had to try again. I tried three times to no prevail and then just decided to stop. But as soon as i look at my mail, my crystals were gone and now I own 3 copies of something that I only need 1 of. Is there anyway that I can get the 2 extra costumes refunded to me? It seems like such a waste of crystals.

Hello @SteamBuns101 welcome to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry for this issue with the game store. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have.

This could be related to this issue:

Please don’t doubt contacting us to escalate the situation.

Hope the information is helpful, have a great day and see you on Arkesia!

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is there anyway to just get the crystals returned and the outfits sent back to the store? I dont need this many outfits and it doesnt benefit me in anyway

Hey @SteamBuns101 hope you’re doing great

in this case the best would be to reach us so we can escalate this situation.