Duplicated items and those who bought the packs


Will I get any compensation for the platinum skins? You’ve said that the things that are in the packs are untradeable, yet now they are all over the auction houses. Because of this I wanted to have all cats so I bought Plat Gold and Silver pack. I bought gold and not bronze as 3rd because I wanted to have another northen lawmaker skin on my female and one on my male character. From what I’ve seen there is no punishment in place for those who did duplicate their packs and those who followed the rules like me because I feared to get my account banned are actually punished. I did also want to get multiple platinum skins, get many gold and paid currency.

I was told it was exclusive but now it is not since literally there are so many out there that everyone will have it in a month. Give us players who did not abuse this bug a compensation. Or remove those ones which were duplicated.



Skins ARE tradeable. And some people have not only gotten one or two but up to ten. Either by accident or malicious intent.
You’re letting those who did wrong off the hook and it’s being sweeped under the rug by AGS.

Almost sounds like New World…