During launch date, is there going be a twitch drop rewards?

hopefully there is one. :smiley:

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I’d be shocked if there weren’t.

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There should be… but I forget my Twitch account+password :frowning: guess I will make a new one for LA

If there are I’d imagine that will also be in the Jan update thing, which at this point is going to be a monster post haha

I hope we can get a bit of cash (I think it is crystals, correct?) as twitch-drops! :slight_smile:

There have been for New World so i’d be shocked if there weren’t for this game. I’m sure they have something like this planned.

i hope so maybe mokoko costume for watching X hours?

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Twitch drops are usually random but rarely includes in-game currencies for recently released games.

We do have some Prime Gaming and Twitch Drops benefits in the works, that news will come along before launch as well.



By prime do you mean for amazon prime members?

yes - you get freebies with Prime for gaming - Prime Gaming

But Prime “freebies” and twitch drops are different things. One needs an Amazon Prime sub.

Edited my response for clarity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: both


That’s right, in order to claim Prime Gaming rewards, you will need an Amazon Prime membership. Rewards are frequent and often recurrent.

Twitch drops is just irregular random promotional fluff.

thank you once again, Roxx.