EAC Crashing - Constant Issue

Finally making a post (not like there isn’t a million others about it, with no fixes and/or effort to resolve this issue in any of the maintenances). I am now on my 3rd day in a row where my “EAC” crashes my game during my Adventurer Island. Each time resulting in no loot, and me getting locked out.

Honestly incredibly annoyed and frustrated with how I barely am able to play the game on my days off with how often this shit crashes.

Any insight or hope for this to be fixed soon? Another 800g I just lost out on because of your game.

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Hello adventurer @Jauz, hope you’re doing well in your journey.

I’m really sorry you’re getting this EAC conection error.

Could you try this troubleshooting first please:

If the issue still persist please follow this mega threat:

Make sure you provide all the information that is requested in the thread otherwise the investigation could be delayed.

Have a great day and take care! :dagger: :man_mage:

hi im getting eac offline on 3 systems on diffrent isp:s. ive been doing troubleshooting steps from allover to no success. when are you going to change from the shit that is Easy Anti Cheat? or atleas get the shit working. every game i have that is using eac is giving me nothing but issues. ive been getting EAC offline for almost 2 months now and its getting old realy fast.

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Your trouble shooting steps don’t work, nor do anyone elses that is in the mega thread.
We don’t even get CM or Team updates in this megathread anymore…
If you guys aren’t going to fix these issues just say so.