EAC driver rolled back

For real how many did you get. I got Royal Crystal after the fix at the cost of my PC blowing up.

Same here I have the potatoes ready to throw them into my cpu…

normal was always 60 celcius degrees max


Be careful, i heard they charge interest on those.

Imagine publishing an anti-cheat so busted that it needs to come with a repair tool.

Do you know what eac does?

  1. Prevents damage meters from launching, however, all raiders bypass that by running it on a VM or container.
  2. Prevents you from modifying game files so you can’t run body mods, or use the same files from the KR client to have the original shadow hunter for example.

Besides that, it does nothing to combat bots, cheating, or whatever, actually, it causes crashes, disconnects, increased loading times and so many problems.


Good news

It didn’t help

Yeah I just read that

It was a fix for what they broke trying to fix the problem but not the problem itself.



Maybe, NW uses EAC and it wasn’t giving me any grief

Nor does the NW forums have anything about EAC, possibly different versions.

Either way the timing makes it amusing

Looks okay so far to me. at least the “System” process is no longer taking 30% of my cpu, and now at like 1.5%

I saw ‘recent’ and was like huh, it’s always done this this isn’t ‘recent’…bunch of baboons working for AGS I swear.

lol how can you expect to run lost ark on 3gb ram xD

i can confirm this “fix” isnt a fix i still had 5 screen freeze during loading today.

how its not fixed? its fixed for me, no more 100% CPU core number 2. game shutdown normally all good.
But the problem with disconnects is not fixed :slight_smile:

I have the november version but haven’t seen any recent new problems. I get DCs and sometimes I get 10 second freezes after which I see some players have DC but I’ve managed to stay.
What is it supposed to break? In particular, I got no CPU core util. at max.

Im not sure at what time that file gets loaded though, I haven’t rebooted my system in a while. Though Im not sure if it could keep the old version in memory since the file is new.

there is no EasyAntiCheat.sys on my folder ?

check the posted file path, it’s in the EAC folder, not the games EAC folder

and just to add to this, I got 4 error messages
“W0x9-…” and “S0x9-…”,
and 1 “EAC offline” error today,
and the best one was when I just got an error, stayed in the char selection screen cuz I was writing to a friend, and I got an error again xD

after reading a few replies on this thread, this sounds just like the tech company I bought a laptop from a few years ago; I ordered the laptop, it came to their store, it got stolen from their store, and as a “sorry for the inconveniance” they gave me 3 months of viaplay subscription, but when I checked the coupon it said right beneath it “every customer of ur store is obligated to get at leest 1x 3month sub for every purchase”

AGS seems to do the same “yeah we fixed the issue” but they don’t mean the issue that we are talking about xD

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