EAC Error 10011 - Cant Star the Game

Hello, i keep getting this error 10011 during the game start.
Tried everything… complete remove and install a fresh version of lost ark
EAC repair
Reset computer
Scan for virus
Network check
and everythign i can possible think of.

Server: SA-Kazeros
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-07 at 16.57.27
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-07 at 16.57.39


Got same error since Last game update.
I weas thinking it was my ram but its corrupted EAC.
It have auto fix in game folder–> eac folder

Same problem here. So far, nothing is a permanent fix.
I updated to Windows 11, but it only worked once, and then it’s back to Launch Error again.
i have repaired and reinstalled EAC too. Still nothing.

Still with this error, tried Exitlag, Noping, Unlock ports on my internet
Change Routes, change DNS, Fresh Game Folder and etc …
What amazes me is that any GM posted anything here, my aura is counting down, cant do my daily and weekly tasks…

Hey there everyone! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. It looks like a lot of other players are too. The Development team is aware and working on a fix! Please make sure to keep an eye out on our official forums.

Here are some temporarily solutions that might work in your favor:

If any of these work for you, awesome! If not, again, the team is aware!

none worked, the only thing that actually worked was a complete fresh windows boot!
despite the time and effort invested in doing all the backups of my work, save all the clients folders and archives, i had to do it so i could play without actually losing money cause my crystaline aura was counting …
its a shame for a studio always put the blame and pressure on customers. i had to spent money on multiple VPN (like exitlag and noping) to solve it too.

just a fun fact, bot’s wasnt affected by this error, cause they have EAC bypass.