EAC offline banned - 2022.11.24

At 11.17 or 11.18, it appears the error W0x5-0PELPWP1N2NT server connection. The second time i tried to log in, the error message became EAC offline banned.
The methods I’ve tried
1.Repair EAC
2.Replace EAC
3.Verify game files
4.Move lost ark to other driver
5.check firewall.cpl
All methods doesn’t work.
I searched relevant post in forum, I doubt whether I’ve been banned.
I feel frustrated.
Today I made a last-ditch-effort : appeal the ban, and got the reply as follows:


After several retries, I enter the games, thank god

Hello! :mage:

I see this is your first post, welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

I’m sorry to hear about you being unable to log into the game due to the EAC offline Banned error. I understand that you consulted to the appeals team and got a response that you had no bans registered in your account. I understand how this can be quite confusing for you!

Also, as you have already tried the recommended troubleshoot steps from the help pages, I would recommend that you contact us, not via an appeal, but via a support web ticket, by following the next link:

Please make sure to provide the information and link this forum post. As well as, if possible, also paste in this thread a screenshot of the specific error you’re getting now, so that the team are able to see it once they access this thread!

I appreciate your patience!


Be Online about 12h, the error message appears again.
First time reconnect error message
Second time

Update: Disabling IPV6 has no effect

It is 24 hours after my last attempt at login, I attempt log in again, still EAC offline banned

Try using warp
Itu usually does the tricks

Have you ever experienced this issue like me? I doubt this is not the internet issue, it’s account issue. My friend attempt to log in my account, but he got the same error message. His account is good. He can enter the game smoothly

3 days, endless try. Feeling frustrated and desperate
CM don’t care about the gaming experience of individual people at all, as if those people don’t exist at all. Most of the time it’s an automatic reply, occasionally giving specific suggestions that don’t work.
Update CET 11.28 21:00 Another friend from Milan try to log in my account, same as before. I’m sure that the issue has nothing to do with internet.
Update CET 11.30 12:40 After update, try again, fail.

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I’m having the exact same issue as you…Is there a fix for this?

Im having the same issue. they said i have no ban/penalty on my account. they sent me a few emails. do this, do that, which was all useless. havnt heard back from them in almost 2 days now… no idea what to do


I did the exact same thing as you. My friend can log in his account totally fine but when he tries mine he gets the same error.

If anyone manages to find a fix pls lmk. I guess it’s time to play something else in the meantime.

Guys this is a well known problem that has beeing running for the last 3 weeks and is a problem of the SERVERS, so it’s not your problem and we cant fix it, it’s in AGS-SG hands to fix it but it’s taking them a loooooot of time

I finally remembered that before the ban, I also encountered this prompt, and I didn’t care.

Do i need to be scared about this? Players getting banned because of automatic check error? That’s insane!

Does it mean the more we get dc the more the counter to get our account banned increases? WOW.

I got 25 dc’s in total in the last week and i didn’t have any problem with the account

It seems that you and we have different problems. Please check if you received an “EAC Offline - banned” error message.

I’ve got a couple errors of EAC OFFLINE - Cannot connect to the server, but never got an EAC OFFLINE - banned