EAC offline banned - 2022.11.24

Then I really can’t think of any behavior that would make me banned by AGS.

The sad thing is you’ll likely never know.

Just like everything else in Lost Ark, getting banned is RNG :rofl:

The thing is, you’re NOT banned. You even emailed AGS and they told you you’re not.

My best guess is EAC had some error in that moment and banned your account. For some odd reason, AGS won’t/can’t unban you or as more time passes… I think they just don’t know how to unban you.

My situation is basically like yours:

  1. Received constant disconnects
  2. Received EAC OFFLINE error
  4. Can reach character select screen but EAC ERROR - BANNED pops up when trying to load into Arkesia
  5. Went to forums and did ALL troubleshoot from every single forum post/AGS official TS guides
  6. Wrote ticket to AGS multiple times. No reply after sending dxdiag log 4 days ago now.
  7. Sent an appeal for unban to AGS even though Steam account VAC is in good standing with no bans
    7b. AGS auto replies saying no ban - please email again if you think you’re banned so I email again
    7c. AGS replies saying no ban and please email again if you think you’re banned :rofl:
  8. Wrote a support ticket to EAC (last ditch effort) and received a 3-14 day ticket response time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Worst part is, the customer service from the web ticket don’t even have the common decency to reply and say “Hey we got your email. We’re aware of your issue and we’re trying to fix it but we have no solution atm. Please be patient while we try to sort this out.”

Mods who are working on these forums are actually replying but they’re just pointing us back to customer service and this infinite cycle of nothing just repeats itself.

What a joke.

Does not sound like an actual ban that was manually placed on your account. Sounds more like EAC placed a flag on your account that will need to be removed by the developer. Likely an issue that will need to be elevated.

Unfortunately with all the disconnect issues going on right now the volume of open tickets are probably quite high. Meaning it will probably take days if not weeks for this to be resolved. Assuming it is something specific to your accounts and not something that can be fixed with a blanket update.

I think that’s the case for everyone in here but I just think it’s actually hilarious that AGS can’t even identify the issue lol.

Even if they come up with a fix on the DC issues, I don’t think that would help anyone here and unfortunately, it seems there’s only a handful of us with this issue. Might be weeks, if not months before they respond to us, much less fix it.



even the appeal page on the EAC side says specifically for New World and Lost Ark that people need to contact AGS. Meaning they must have local control of this. Maybe this is the first time its ever actually been used like this and no one even remembers how to access the system? Idk tbh… hopefully they figure it out.

@distantefix Can u plz give an update? If u can refer to the posts above, I am having the exact same issue.
I also figured the issue was on account and please don’t send me to web ticket again; it either tells me my account is OK or asks me to trouble shoot with EAC steps.
I seriously suspect EAC caused some kind of error and dev needs to do sth on our account (if u can also refer to the discussions by other player

Two days after leaving the forum, I found out that they rolled back the EAC, I tried to get into the game, and it was still like that. CM hasn’t replied yet.

i keep contacting support and IF i get a respone its something stupid like “reinstall the game” even tho ive done that 5 times already from the other emails.

I just tried the new EAC update here Addressing the recent EAC Issue and it did NOT work :frowning:

Anyone manage to get in?

no that didnt work. It something to do with something on our accounts. because i can log on to my friends account no problem.

I just want to know now if I’m going to have to wait for my account to get back to normal, or if I’m going to play another game @distantefix

I don’t think it will get back to normal…communication on tickets has completely stopped for a week now. Even if it somehow miraculously started working again, do you really want to play for a week and have your account get locked again with no communication?

I think i’m done.

Any progress? @distantefix

Acourse not. silence just like the support tickets I put in

Nope. No responses since last week.

Congratulations! Amazon bring us blue protocol, so we will get less CM to solve problems!

I have COVID and have been on bed rest these days. Feel much better today, has there been any progress on our problem?

My friend lent me the account half a month ago and tried to log in and got EAC offline error, then never logged into the game, and then today when he logged into Steam, he was permanently banned.

I went to RU server, goodbye AGS