Eac offline banned A bailout Ive already solved one

Through my efforts yesterday, 1 account has been repaired

But my other two accounts still have this problem

I’m now tied to the account in question

And filed an appeal

It’s still the same question

I still filed an appeal but got the reply that there was no violation in the account

One of my accounts has been restored through an appeal

I’ve done a lot of work and I don’t know what worked

I can only try

Hello @patton

We are glad to have you here with us. I do apologize about the experience your are having with this bans.

Is very good to hear one of your account have been recover after such hard work on the appealing process. Here in the forums no mod or live chat representatives are able to see or access any information regarding bans, so the best advice I can offer you is always add as much details and information as possible when making the appeal.

You can access the links on this hyperlinks Appeal process and the one for the Code of Conduct, in case you need to verify one of the rules.

Thank you for your patience. Wish you the best and a nice week.