Eac offline banned It's driving me crazy

Il appeal to remind you my account wasn’t banned

But I cant log in

Ive tried all the fixes and I still cant log in


What the hell is this

I followed the tutorial to fix it many times and still couldnt log in

Its driving me crazy

Hello @patton !

We are glad to have you here with us. I do apologize about the experience you are having with the EAC Offline - Banned Error Message.

Unfortunately here in the forums no mod or live chat representatives are able to see or access any information regarding bans, also do remember all reports are manually reviewed by a human one by one, and no part of our game moderation is automated.

The best advice here again is try to add as much details and information as possible when making the appeal. That department is the only one that can assist you with bans and I understand you have already sent appeals but there is nothing we can do here in the forums.

Here is the link for the Ban Appeal Process as well as the Code of Conduct:

Thank you for your understanding and patience.