EAC Offline daily

I’ve been getting these EAC offline shutdown daily since patch and tried every step to prevent or mitigate it possible, i lose more then 4 daily content runs a day and cant progress deathless inferno because of the frequent dc’s when will this issue be fixed in your side? literally kills the game for me contantly fearing being content locked by doing anything.


Hello and welcome to the forums. The EAC offline issue is still being monitored by our team. If you’ve attempted all methods of troubleshooting, we can only apologize and we appreciate your patience while the team investigates. There’s a mega-thread on this issue below.

Hope that helps!

followed every step listed to the T which you linked, along with other desperate attempts. from what ive red this has been going on for a while now, kinda crazy to me how its still an issue with posts about it 1 month ago.